Saturday, March 08, 2014

International Women's Day - Sisters, You and Me - March 8, 2014

Sisters, You and Me

I stand beside you, sister,
Wherever you may be,
And hope, one day, that life, for you,
Will be one of equality.

As I eat my morning meal today,
I pray for women filled with dread,
No food upon their tables,
Anxious for the day ahead. 

I think about the girl child,
Whose face never bears a smile,
Born to a life of poverty,
Never made to feel worthwhile.

I see the ancient woman,
Her wrinkled face wracked with pain,
Not able to afford health care,
Even if it were possible to attain.

This international day of women,
Must carry through the year,
The baby steps and efforts,
The promises undertaken here!

We cannot turn our backs,
On the oppressed and those in grief,
If we all put our hearts together,
We can initiate relief.

We can show that we, as women,
Will, somehow, find a way,
To improve the plight of thousands,
Who suffer abuse each day.

We can unite, worldwide, as sisters,
To make life better for us all,
In support and love and kindness,
We must answer to the call.

Carmen M Henesy
Copyright (c) 2014 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved. 


  1. Interesting logo. I would think the coolie hat would be a no-no to be PC.

    1. On my southeast Asia cruise ten years back, everyone working in the fields wore those coolie hats.

  2. Beautiful poem, Carmen!

    1. Thanks, Icy. I always love hearing from you.

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