Thursday, March 06, 2014

Friday Flash 55 - Too Pooped to Pop - March 6, 2014

I can go from dawn to dusk,
In the most exotic places,
And never tire of meeting,
Dozens of new faces.

Yet, a day of playing grandma,
To this 11-month-old lass,
Leaves me way too pooped to pop,
And really dragging a*#!

Energizer bunny, Geritol and such,
Help - I need your magic touch!

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  1. Oh my! Looks like she has developed quite the personality

    1. Harper is a delight, Joan, but she has a temper now...but, mostly, she is a sweetheart.

  2. Wow gorgeous pictures and descriptive 55 -! thanks

    1. Izzy, I seem to be constantly taking pictures of this little one...but I still like to photograph the rest of the world, too. It doesn't wear me out as much as Harper, does!!!

  3. Carmen Electra!!!!
    Welcome Home baby!!
    You give your Grand Child Geratol?
    Loved your adorable 55
    Thanks for playing, glad you are back safely
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

    1. Galen, I've already been back in California three months - though I did have a wonderful month long break visiting family and friends in Tampa, Atlanta and New Orleans - great eating, reminiscing and good times. Before long, I'll be headed back to India!

  4. A CUTEST BABY!!!! Got that familiar squint of the eye--like grandma, REALLY a happy looking kid.
    Hey RNSANE, thank you for visiting my long-neglected blog (Fourth Dimension), I did leave a response to you there, but copying it here b/c you prob would never go there to read:

    (Copy) RNSANE, thank you. I pretty well have migratedmy thoughts to Face Book, and have about a dozen Indian "friends" in that venue. From several cities, and even the islands off the SE coast, they have become "real" friends.

    India is a country I would choose to visit over anywhere else in the I envy your trip there.
    Today, March 18, marks my 40th anniversary of being sober. I still go to lots of meetings. Blessings to all who might read this comment, and to YOU RNSANE!!!!

    YES, There IS a God! And I ain't It--grin!

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