Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy 43rd Birthday, Shawn - December 17, 2013

Well, my dear first born, it seems like we are missing each other on many of
life's important occasions.  You missed Alex and Laura's wedding by about a
week because you were pulling Air Force duty in Germany.  At least, when Harper 
Ann was born, all of us were there, camping out in Laura's "birthing room".  I will, 
forever, cherish that photo of you, Alex, and Jeremy, my three sons, camped out, 
awaiting the arrival of that precious little girl.  

Your two younger brothers tower over you by about six inches but you never let them 
forget who is boss - and, rightly so, since, for much of their lives, you played both
the father, as well as big brother role.  I could not have managed without you.

It's kind of sad that, this year, with me home for Christmas, Uncle Sam has you in
Kuwait!!  Oh, well, that's life.  We will really be missing you at the festivities and 
we are certainly thinking about you today on your 43rd birthday.

I didn't have time to go through storage to find baby pictures of you and, sadly,
in last year's computer demise in India, many that I had were lost.  I found a few
that I am including from recent years here.  You always did say I was death on
computers but I think the last was because of all the summer power outages
during Jaipur's monsoon season.

Even though you've always said you'll never marry and have children - "I've 
already raised two sons ( in reference to Alex and Jeremy ), I think you look quite
fatherly in this short with your niece, Harper.

You may not remember this shot but it was taken a few years ago when Alex was
down and brought the dogs to visit.  You were tormenting Bucky with your guitar
playing.  For some reason, in his opinion, music did NOT soothe the savage beast
and he did not stop barking till you stopped playing.

Just to make you homesick in far away Kuwait, here is a photo from Christmas
2010, before I started making my trips to India ( forty pounds ago!! ) and pre-
Harper.  We'll drink a toast to you this holiday and celebrate when you get back
( though I will probably be in India again - but not for six months this time.

Be safe, son.  I am blessed to have you and your two wonderful brothers.  We are lucky
that Alex chose Laura and now we have the most precious baby in our family.
What a special 43rd birthday for you and a wonderful Christmas for our family.

I love you!!!


  1. Wonderful memories!

  2. Happy Birthday Shawn!

    Merry Christmas Carmen, to you and your family!

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