Saturday, November 23, 2013

I am so behind in blogging, replying to comments and reading my blog favorites.
It seems these last few weeks in India, I am finally feeling under the weather -
which has actually become quite nice - no rain and cooler temperatures.  I had
a terrible cough and cold, requiring a visit to the doctor and antibiotics that 
lingered well over a week, then a brief bout of Mumbai "motion", and I still don't
feel up to par.  With my homeward flight coming up, I want to be well - because
nearly 24 hours airborne certainly won't help if I'm ill.  I have to be at my best to
see my sweet granddaughter.  At least, I have five days in San Francisco, and
am seeing five different doctors, before I head up for the December visit with
Harper Ann and her parents.

I cannot thank the Toscanos enough for making me part of the family here in
Mumbai and for their warm and gracious hospitality.  After that awful beginning
at the slum hotel, the J. K. Regency, I will be forever grateful for Normal Toscano
for coming to my rescue.  Maybe he wasn't on a galloping white steed but on 
a putt putting rickshaw but he was a knight in shining armor, nonetheless.

This is a photo I took during my first visit to Mumbai, nearly two years ago.  I
am using it for:


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  1. I would love to spend 6 months in India too. Hope you are recovering well for your flight back to the US.

  2. Lovely pic. Get the feeling you're going to be leaving India with lots of great memories -- and photos! :)

  3. Get well soon! Looking forward to your next visit already!!

  4. Normal that you don't feel like blogging when you are sick ! Hope you will be completely OK for your long trip back !

  5. A beautiful pic and hope you feel better soonly :)

  6. Rest up Carmen and safe travels home!

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