Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Flash 55 - Mumbai "Motion"

I try to be most careful,
Of what I drink and eat,
But some pretty potent bacteria,
Has knocked me off my feet.

Here they call it "motion",
And the doc came in the night,
But three days of medication,
And the end is not in sight.

I have jump started my next weight loss!

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  1. Carmen Electra....?
    You're in Frickin INDIA!!!!
    You are lucky your not dead!
    (No offense to native Indians that has a metabolism used to such punishment)
    I hope you have a flush toilet.
    Loved your gastro-Intestinal 55
    Thanks for playing, get well soon, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. I hope you're feeling better, Carmen, I so enjoyed your lines but I don't like this bacteria and its name! Kisses from the family :)

  3. Dulce1:48 PM

    Get well soon, my dear


  4. yikes....hope you feel better....and not the funnest way to lose weight...smiles.

  5. Anonymous5:07 PM

    oh that sucks. hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. Being sick shouldn't sound so poetic!! Hope you are on the mend

  7. Please don't worry about weight loss, you're fine as you are. I always tell people this when they talk about weight loss because of so many years hating myself and yo-yo dieting. Health at Every Size is the way!
    Aside from the mini lecture, I really do hope you feel better. I had the Norovirus earlier this year and I felt like hell for a week.

  8. Yuk- and you still like India, eh?

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