Saturday, April 13, 2013

Most Remiss in Writing - Will Catch Up Soon - April 13, 2012

I've been very delinquent with my blogging.  I came up to West Sacramento on
Tuesday evening because my son, Alex, and his wife, Laura, invited me to join
them for their ultrasound on the following day ( my first grandchild is due the
21st ).  There was a great shot of the baby's face.  The little one is now occupying 
most ofLaura's uterus!  He/she ( they don't want to know the sex till delivery - I've got
fingers crossed for a girl! ).  I was heading back to San Francisco today but it
seems like Laura started having contractions during the night.  Now, they are
just seven minutes apart so I will probably know soon - granddaughter or grandson.
Either way, I'll be joyful.  

I did have a really nice rendevous with one of my nursing school classmates,
Ann Sneed Sorrells of Charity Hospital School of Nursing, Class of 9-10-65
( it is so hard to believe that we started school FIFTY YEARS ago, before
the first heart transplant was ever done and right after the Salk polio vaccine
was invented! ). She and her husband have kept their home at Lake Tahoe
and visit several times a year.  Laura and I joined Ann for a late breakfast
at Tower Cafe in Sacramento.  It was a great reunion.

Back to blogging soon!!


  1. Nothing like meeting old friends!
    Both of you look so happy!

  2. Back to blogging, and a familiar face is seen.

  3. How exciting. My daughter invited me to one of her ultrasounds and the doctor and I were the only ones who knew the sex of the baby. It took my daughter and son in law less than 24 hours to decide that they too wanted to know. Whatever the gender, a new baby is a blessing. You will have so much fun with a grandbaby!


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