Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sundays in My CIty - More of San Francisco's Painted Ladies - February 17, 2013

After physical therapy,  the other day, I drove around Pacific Heights,shooting a
few of the lovely houses.  This is best done early in the morning, before traffic
starts.  Even after living in the Bay Area nearly 30 years, these houses always 
bring a smile to my face and start my daydreams.

The trees are still pretty bare in February 

I wonder what it costs to heat one of these beautiful ladies

Nce in yellows and browns, with a touch of gold

Smaller but still lovely

This corner home looks like a good house several families

As always,San Francisco has limited parking

Here is a small one-car garage

A different style

This fairytale house with suit me just fine


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  1. Love your painted ladies! LOVE them.

    Whatever it costs to heat them there in San Fran is FAR LESS than it would cost to heat them up here on the frozen tundra of Central Wisconsin, and that is FOR SURE and FOR CERTAIN!!


    1. Oh, my ,gosh, I cannot imagine what your heating bills must be. San Francisco temperatures are pretty moderate all year long. But, after living in India for nine months out of the past year, I am always cold when I'm home.

  2. The architectural details are so pretty. Painted Ladies is the perfect name for them.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Originally from Georgia, I've been living here over 30 years. I never tire of seeing these incredible houses, and the amazing colors in which they are painted!

  3. These are beautiful homes. I like them very much. This week I am in New Orleans, and I also love the houses here.

  4. I never tire of the beautiful homes in SF.

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