Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sundays in My City - San Francisco Beauties, #1 - March 20, 2011

I was almost late for my dermatology follow up last Thursday because I kept
stopping en route to take pictures.  I went down Scott Street on the way to
Mt. Zion on Divisadero and, afterwards, I drove home via Castro Street.  I
got quite a few shots for several week's worth of "Sunday in My City."

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  1. These old houses are so beautiful. They have such wonderful character.

  2. I've been to SF several times and I just can't get over the gorgeous homes and the exquisite paint. Thanks for the tour!

    via SIMC

  3. Your city ~ and your photos ~ are real beauties.

  4. They truly are beauties, so grand and ornate. Great shots.

  5. Enjoyed the virtual tour of homes.

  6. What beautiful buidings.
    The photos are really good.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. gorgeous photos and I love your new header photo of blooming Acacia!

  8. these are absolutely stunning pictures! I can't wait to see more.

  9. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Thank you for your effort, showing unique buildings indeed. Must be a great neighourhood to live in. Alluring.
    Please have a good new week ahead.

    daily athens

  10. That first one is ONE vertical house! Very cool.

  11. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Love the painted ladies! You've beautifully documented these architectural gems.

  12. These are some of the reasons I loved roaming the streets of San Francisco when I lived there 22 years ago. You can't help but look at this houses and smile. Thanks for the reminder.
    Cheers, jj

  13. gorgeous photos - and houses! maybe one day i will get to see them live, so to say. i love how you've gotten close to bring out the details, too.

  14. I recognize these. I see them regularly.

  15. sheril benedict -
    I have so much fun photographing these Victorians!

    Daogreer Earth Works -
    San Francisco is just full of these houses -
    each one more beautiful than the last!

    Tara R.
    My dream was always to own one but, as a single parent, without child support, it just couldn't happen!

    Kristin - The Goat -
    There is such a business in the painting of these incredible Victorians!

    Helen -
    I fell in love with San Francisco when I was 18 and had a very long layover enroute from New Orleans to Honolulu. I told myself then that I was going to live here...and, at 33, it became a reality. I'm now 66 and I've never tired of the city - though I've visited 45 countries, I still love this best ( though I could easily live six months in some of those other places!

    Poetic Shutterbug -
    I think we have enough Victorians here to keep us in photographic material until we can't hold a camera anymore!

    Laurie Matherne -
    I have many more Victorian photograph so stay tuned!

    Maggie May -
    Aren't these Victorians lovely? I always think of your Queen Victoria when I see them!! We owe you Brits a lot.

    Kathe W.
    The acacias have lost all their blooms, sadly, in our two weeks of torrential rains. We hardly have any blooms of any kind since the downpours - we've had lots of trees falling and rockslides, though.

    Sheila @ A Postcard a Day -
    I have a never ending supply of photos of San Francisco's "Painted Ladies" - I took about forty on that expedition alone!

    ρομπερτ -
    I wish I lived in an area with those gorgeous Victorians...not me. I am in suburbia but I do spend a lot of time in the city, admiring the Victorians - and dreaming!

    Sharkbytes -
    I console myself that I couldn't climb the stairs very easily in my old age and that these Victorians must cost a fortune to heat! I do love them, though.

    ceodraiocht -
    I am so glad you have enjoyed this edition of my Painted Ladies. I have many more.

    Manuela -
    I am waiting to show you around the city but, as I said, don't take to long. I AM 66. I'll have to drop you at the bottom of the hills and meet you at the top! I do love showing people around this city, though.

    secret agent woman -
    It is a really beautiful city with stunning views.

    Unknown Mami -
    Don't we live in a special place? I am so glad I have such a good collection of photographs.