Monday, March 15, 2010

When Life Hands You Lemons - Mellow Yellow Monday, 3-1-10

When Life Hands You Lemons - Mellow Yellow Monday, 3-1-10

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A friend sent me this wonderful card when I was down in the dumps after the budget cuts a year
ago when I lost my forensic nursing job of 21 years.  It definitely made me smile!  She knew my
affection for Grey Goose vodka and lemon drop martinis.  
I thought it made a was perfect for mellow yellow Monday.


  1. It made me smile also, Carmen! Why make lemonade when you can just add vodka :-)

  2. that is a great card. I can see why it brightened you day when you received it.

  3. I love this card......:-) Hugs

  4. I saw this somewhere the other day, the beginning of the movie Love Happens with Jennifer Aniston

  5. What a thoughtful friend! The card made me smile too, even though I am a tea-totaler!
    I have also been dealt some lemons in my life. But right now I can't blog about them. Maybe later on.
    I don't know how many memes I can do this week. Posted a green and gold necklace today; but did not know which meme to put it in. Maybe gold is sort of Mellow-Yellow? There is no "Green-meme"? Or I could it in "All about Kids" because Elisabet helped me string it!
    Best wishes,

  6. Funny card! Whatever works!

  7. ahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!! I LOVE that one! Just add vodka. ahahahahah!!!! That's my kind of a line! ;)

  8. The liquor does the life wealthily. You are an expert of the world liquor. You have a lot on the taste of the sake.

    I am very honored to be able to give glory to the top of your blog. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

  9. If you see lemons raining, prepare lemonade.



  10. thank you for the smile today, Carmen - I love the card, and certainly love lemons, when I was a kid I used to eat them like apples. Not very good for my teeth, I'm afraid, but good for lemon-acceptance :)

  11. This is a nice post !! Beautiful poster !!

  12. Icy BC =
    Absolutely. Vodka enhances lemonade or tomato juice or whatever!!

    Liss -
    My friends have sent me quite a few of the cards from this supplier...all equally cute.

    Bernie -
    I love cards and can spend hours in card shops, laughing away.

    Braja -
    Glad you're watching movies! Mine seem to be all Bollywood flicks - though, recently, one of the channels did a whole day of Jennifer Anniston movies and I sat there for hours watching.

    Anna -
    Your work is so lovely. You must spend a lot of time at it. Nice that your daugher helps!

    lakeviewer -
    One of the nicest card shops I ever saw was when we were in port in Astoria, Oregon! My friend and I spent about two hours there.

    ruma2008 -
    I do love your sakes but I have found some liquours that I don't relish such as Italy's grappa and Yugoslavia shlivovitz. I had to learn how to properly drink schochu before I could say I liked it. In Akita, the friends I was with had me try it with fresh grapefruit juice and that was quite good!

    I will be glad to use your artistry anytime in my blog header - indeed an honor for me.

    Irrendento Urbanita -
    Valery, we do, indeed, have some delicious lemons
    in CA - they are great for desserts as well!

    Manuela -
    I like lemons and limes but could not do too many all by themselves, out of hand!! Can hardly drink plain water, though - always like a slice of lemon or lime in it!

    Unseen Rajasthan -
    Every time I see your name, it makes me wish I could see Rajasthan - perhaps, someday!! Glad you liked this post.

  13. oh yeah, add vodka!!

  14. Yup! I may have to take up that passtime!