Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy 101 Award from Secret Forest

A very dear blogging friend, fullet at Secret Forest, gave this award to me and I consider it a great honor.  He states that this award is given to blogs that make you happy.  You should list ten things that make you happy and then pass the award on to ten blogs that make you happy.  Several of the blogs that fullet listed are my favorites, as well, so I won't list them and I won't select Secret Forest though I find great delight in his blog and his friendship.  I only regret that we did not meet when I was on his doorstep in Barcelona last October - as I may never have the opportunity again.  I  hope, if he wins the Spanish lottery, I will, at least, see him in San Francisco!

Ten ( of many ) things that make me happy:

-My three sons ( as long as they are not nagging me to exercise )

-Eating at American Sushi House in Pacifica, CA, Manivanh Thai Restaurant in San  Francisco, CA, Tutto Pasta and/or Zucchero in Miami, FL

-Being with the "queens" or other dear friends

-Cruising the seven seas


-Sony Holland, singing jazz, especially live, accompanied by Jerry Holland on the guitar

-A good book or movie

-Good wine that doesn't cost a fortune

-Letting people know that I love them

-Writing - my blog, poetry, letters

Blogs that make me happy ( several that fullet listed but I am choosing other so as not to be repititious ) -

-Chris at Enchanted Oak

-Joanna at The Fifty Factor

-Rainfield61 at My Journey


  1. Congrats, Carmen on your award! And happy weekend to you..

  2. It's refreshing to discover a person who is exactly the way they appear to be: warm, lively, deeply in love with life. Thank you for thinking of me. You make me happy too.

  3. Cool award Carmen! Congratulations!
    Happy weekend!

  4. Congratulation and thanks.

  5. thank you for being so sweet and letting me make you smile....I just received another award and like I told her, I really suck at these.....I promise at some point, I will play along, but it will awhile and I will combine the awards together...last time I waited so long that I combined 4 awards in one.....I know, I'm bad !

    thank you thank you thank you again.....happy weekend !

  6. Braja -
    You are most welcome. You make India live for me on a daily basis!

    Icy BC -
    Thank you, and have a wonderful weekend yourself!
    I am sure you'll be out and about with your camera!

    Enchanted Oak -
    I hope I get to meet more blogging friends and I hope we hit it off as well as you and I did! It was as though we had known each other forever.

    Donna -
    Hope you have an exciting..or restful...weekend planned. Whatever you most need!!!

    rainfield61 -
    Thank you!!! Your blog is so lovely.

    beth -
    I completely understand how busy you are and how easy it is to get behind. I still have an award from my dear friend and fellow poet, Dulce, that I need to acknowledge!! I just wanted you to know what a pleasure it is to follow your blog.

  7. Carmen,I'm just glad that your happy! In my book your always awarded for just being you...Thank you so much for entering my life through blogging. I will always cherish our friendship in bloom...


  8. Congratulations on your award!

    By the way, Carmen, I can't seem to find your EC-widget. Have you left Entrecard?

    I was going to drop my card on your widget.
    Oh well, I'll come back later and look again.


  9. Congratulations on your award.....I love reading these list of my blogging friends.
    ......:-) Hugs

  10. Hi Carmen

    Thank you so much for thinking about me! You are so sweet and you also make me happy!

    I was in Colorado for over a week visiting my son and DIL and grandson --a computer free week so I am so behind in visiting blogs, and the weather was so beautiful here today I was out all day. I need a long rainy day in order to catch up :-)

    I also love sushi, good but not expensive wine, travel, good books and movies,and knowing interesting bloggers like you also make me happy!

    ♥ Pat

  11. Carmen, I left a comment here yesterday but don't ask me what happened to it, maybe I put it in another post? I hope it was in your blog, at least! I'm such a mess... Thank you so much for this post and the mention, I'm so glad you liked the award. I've discovered great blogs in your list. Cheers!

  12. Thanks Carmen for the award. I loved reading about your trip to the conference and your dinner with the Queens. Everyone looks like they would be tons of fun. You have a great list of things you love. My kids would be at the top of mine.