Thursday, September 09, 2010

The San Francisco Botanical Garden Membership Contest

The San Francisco Botanical Garden Membership Contest

Many of you have seen my pictures and posts from the San Francisco Botanical Garden.
It is a wonderful place and, though I don't have a membership, the charge for non-resident
seniors is $5.00/visit which I think is very fair.  Many of you have also seen the incredible
photographs done by Joanne Olivieri, my dear friend, whose blog, Poetic Shutterbug, is
truly a work of art.  Her macro photography of flowers, bees and and other creatures, and,
of course, her poetry, are artistic treasures.  She is actively involved at the Garden,
volunteering and working with their Facebook page.

The Garden is now sponsoring a membership contest which is drawing to a close, winner
to be announced on Sunday, September 12, 2010.

I've copied this information directly from the San Francisco Botanical Garden Facebook

"San Francisco Botanical Garden We are excited to announce our MEMBERSHIP CONTEST GIVEAWAY!!! In honor of our 70th year Anniversary. The winner of this contest will receive a one year Garden Lover

membership valued at $125.00.

Becoming a member of the SFBGS allows you not only the privilege of keeping the gardens flourishing but you will also receiv...e special benefits such as,

Free or discounted admission to over 250 botanical gardens across the United States,

Subscription to our eNewsletter “In the Garden,"

10% Discount on all SFBGS purchases (classes, plants, tours, books, etc.)

10% Discount at over 75 Bay

Area nurseries and SO MUCH MORE... For details on our membership levels you can go to our website, or click the Discussions tab on this page and click on the Membership Levels link, or email me directly at for a detailed description.

This contest is open to everyone, worldwide even if you are already a member. Here are the contest rules:

1. Tell us, during your first visit to the gardens, what was your favorite flower, plant or garden area. If you have never been to our garden, tell us what flower, plant or garden you would be excited to see.

You can write a blurb, an essay, a poem or anything you like. Be as creative as possible. You may include photos or even a video. All you need to do is post your entry on our Facebook wall and if you have a photo or video you would like to include, use the little icons on the wall to post them along with your entry.

We realize you may not have enough room on these wall posts for your entry. So, if you have a blog you may post your entry on your blog and copy and paste that blog post link to our wall.

The contest begins today - 8/19/10 and will end on 9/12/10. The winner will be announced on 9/13/10.

The entries will be judged on quality and creativity. Give us your best and good luck to all."

Below is my entry:

San Francisco Botanical Garden

San Francisco has a treasure,
That is here for all to see,
It is filled with nature’s beauty,
An oasis of tranquility.

One can while away the hours,
And travel continents far away,
By seeing their plants and flowers,
Which the Garden brings your way.

Stop off in South America,
And see the giant gunnera leaf,
Stand under it in a deluge,
To keep you dry beyond belief!

Pay a visit to California,
And see Matilija poppies white,
The towering, crinkly blossoms,
Are an unforgettable sight!

See the majestic proteus,
There are both queens and kings,
This flower from South Africa,
Is one of the prettiest things!

Majestic trees, bumble bees,
Squirrels and Canadian geese,
In this lovely garden setting,
One feels a sense of peace.

The library and the bookstore,
Have all you’ll ever need,
To acquire a gardener’s expertise,
As long as you can read!

Enjoy it and support it,
For it is meant for you,
The San Francisco Botanical Garden,
Is like a dream come true.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2010 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved.


  1. The pics of the garden are beautiful! I hope you win the garden membership with your poem!!!

  2. Fantastic poem, Carmen! I feel as if I was there going through it..Beautiful collage too! My fingers are crossed for you to win the membership!

  3. Hello, RNSANE-san!!

    It is costarring of wonderful flowers.
    Such colors that are heal the heart. .

    Thank you.

  4. GardenofDaisies -

    Well, I didn't win the membership, sad to say. I'll just have to be content to pay a $5 senior rate when I go to visit the gardens.

    Icy BC -

    It wasn't my lucky day. I usually never win anything but I actually thought I had a chance with my poem and collage. I thought it was pretty creative. Oh, well, as they say in Spanish, "Asi es la vida" ( that's life ).

    Ruma -
    I'm glad you liked my collage of pictures taken at the beautiful San Francisco Botanical Garden. They are all from one day's visit. It's a lovely spot to spend a few hours.