Thursday, September 09, 2010

Flash 55 Friday - A Raging Inferno - September 10, 2010

Flash 55 Friday - A Raging Inferno - September 10, 2010

Just south of San Francisco,
As folks headed home from work,
For a few blocks in San Bruno,
The world went all beserk.

A quiet neighborhood of homes,
Was engulfed in raging flame,
And for those folks who live there,
Nothing will ever be the same.

God, give them the strength to endure.

Carmen Henesy

I am participating in Flash 55 Friday - Mr. G-Man


  1. Yes, these events change us forever.

  2. Pretty tragic. My husband drove by on his way home from work about five minutes after the explosion. He says you could tell it was gas by how violent the flames were.

    A sad day for the Bay area.


  3. ...and sadly this isn't fiction. Just miles from where I grew up, near Boulder Colorado, many many homes have been destroyed in a raging fire also. So so sad.

    Here's Mine. Yes, I finally did one...long time no see!!!

    Have a super weekend.

  4. lives will be forever changed....devastating really...nice 55 though.

  5. There's nothing nice or funny to say about this.
    Great job on the 55..
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End..

  6. Poignant, tragic and so sad, but you've written this so well...
    That is a reminder...


  7. Oh my, what a week. Mine started with the hail storm last Friday, that now seems incredibly insignificant after the 7.1 earthquake in the Canterbury region here the following morning. A this week ends this evening I've learnt of the disasterous fire very near where you are, and of major flooding in parts of Texas.

    The World Wide Web is wonderful in terms of contact and new friends from contacts, yet we also learn of all the major disasters so very fast. Sending out care and healing hugs worldwide, Michelle down in NZ

  8. A heart-felt and thoughtful 55, Carmen.
    (Quite in contrast to the usual ones!)

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Very sad that this unnatural disaster took so many innocent lives.

  10. so very true, i can only imagine how hard this must be for those affected. great 55.

  11. The more people we get to know around the blogosphere the more personal things like this become.

  12. KB -
    I usually drive by that area every day to get on the freeway but I don't want to go near there for awhile. It's just two miles south of my house.

    Sue -
    You must not be far from me then. I'm in Daly City, near Hickey.

    These fires are so awful. My son was commenting that, at least, the San Bruno fire only destroyed 53 houses - some areas lose hundreds, like last year's southern CA fires.
    Even one seems tragic to me.

    Brian Miller -
    Tragedy is never easy. The suddeness of this was especially sad. There wasn't even time to grab anything. All family momentos, photographs, etc, all of it gone in almost an instant. Many of them couldn't even get in the cars and drive off!

  13. G-Man -
    The aftermath begins. I had planned to go to
    Lunardi's for groceries but I think I'll wait till after the weekend.

    Dulce -
    It's hard to believe that this tragedy was just a couple of miles down the street from me. Scary, indeed.

    Mickle in NZ -
    All of these incidents just are reminders that we are all mortal. We don't have much control over things, do we? We can just be supportive of each other and do the best we can.

    Eric Alder -
    We're still reeling here in the aftermath of the fire last night. I normally pass right by
    there ( 2 miles from my door ) to get on the freeway but figure I won't go in that area till
    after the weekend.

    Monkey Man -
    Things are pretty depressed around here, that's for sure.

    clean and crazy -
    Some of my colleagues, who are therapists with
    San Francisco, are out doing crisis counseling today with the fire victims.

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    It's hard to believe this happened almost in my
    neighborhood. I drive right past this spot several times a week, heading to the grocery or the freeway.

  14. Anonymous5:34 PM

    So few words but said so much and brought back a chaos feelings at that time..

  15. it's indeed sad. we only realize that no matter how powerful we are or how rich we are... there is something beyond our control.

  16. Thanks for writing was thinking of you when I heard about the fire in San Bruno. Still have friends in the general area hope they are safe.So Sad

    Love from the Moon

  17. A reminder (as is today) that life is both fragile and enduring.

  18. remarkable 55.
    Happy Belated Friday!

    my 55

  19. Icy BC -
    Tomorrow I'll be driving by the San Bruno fire site for the first time...I know it will be horrible to see.

    Ruthi -
    It is hard to confront the reality of our powerlessness in catastrophes such as the San Bruno fire.

    moondustwriter -
    I do hope your friends in my area had no one injured in the San Bruno fire. I wonder how folks now, after the weekend, are holding up.

    secret agent woman -
    This weekend, I was with all three of my sons at my middle son's home in West Sacramento. Shawn is back from his four month's active duty in Germany. After the Friday San Bruno fire, it felt especially good for us to be all together.

    Jingle -
    Thanks - glad you liked my Flash 55.