Thursday, September 09, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday, Rainbow Summer School - Violet - September 9, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday, Rainbow Summer School - Violet - September 9, 2010

Such a lovely color,
Part of a rainbow's hue,
In the visible light spectrum,
Not just a mix of red and blue.

Violet flower and bee

Violet has a calming effect,
And helps us be more aware,
It is the color of humanitarians,
For those who really care.

Violet lights on the Oasis of the Seas

So many flowers are violet,
From ones that bear the name,
To exotic orchids and lilacs,
To roses of international acclaim.

Violet flowers

Violet inspires higher ideals,
This color of queens and kings,
It often relates to the fantasy world,
And escape from more mundane things.

More violet flowers

It's the color of shades of cosmetics,
That brighten the lips and the eyes,
Though, for some, it does little good,
No matter how much one applies!

Carmen and her violet eyeshadow

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2010 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved.

I am participating in Jenny Matlock's Alphabe Thursday Rainbow Summer School!


  1. Those are beautiful violet things Carmen. Especially Carmen's eyeshadow. :-)

  2. I love all the photos and my favorite is the second one "Violet lights on the Oasis of the Seas
    " and of course... the last pic... great eyeshadow! You've got taste. Take care! Hugs!

  3. Lovely post for violet! And I LOVE the violet eyeshadow :)

  4. That was fun. No worries, you look great in violet!

  5. Love your poem :-) There should be more poems written about purple!!

    Beautiful purple pictures, and I'm diggin' the eyeshadow :-)


  6. Oh the famous eyeshadow on Carmen! Beautiful post, and beautiful you :-)

  7. heehee

    Love that last line!


  8. All your violets are special,Carmen, but none are more beautiful than your sparkling eyes and smiling face framed with violet eyeshadow!

  9. The last line is so untrue! Nice post!

  10. i love the picture of you with the eyeshadow! Wonderful poem Carmen!

  11. You always do such a great job of picking photos with the colors that look great together.

  12. Wow Carmen,

    Your purple post is really inspiring and the poetry is beautiful. Thanks for sharing, especially the beautiful picture of yourself in fantastic eyeshadow!



  13. fun! Your violet eyeshadow matches the lovely flowers!

  14. Wow, I love all your vibrant pictures of violet. Beautiful and the lights on the Oasis of the Seas is really gorgeous.

  15. Beautiful violet flowers; wonderful poem and very special violet make-up for a very special woman.
    (Love the earrings you are wearing on that photo too!)
    Thank you so much for visiting my Violet Parr-post. I am grateful to my children for opening the world of childen's literature and popular culture. A lot is trash that I hate. But some things are jewels to behold. And these are what I try to present on my blog every now and then.

    Speaking of presentations, why don't you be a guest on my blog? I will post what ever you would like to promote your poetry. Take a peek at the interview I did of Patricia Rockwell. Maybe I could interview about your poetry book?
    Just a thought.


    Anna interviews Patricia Rockwell

    For the benefit of other readers:
    Anna's Rainbow Violet

  16. lovely flowers and smiles.

  17. I do think the country pulled together at that time. But I worry as it seems to drag on and on.

  18. Carmen, what a wonderful poem. I love the flowers and the spectrum light but most of all that happy smile!

    Thanks for the lovely violet link to Rainbow Summer School.


  19. Self Sagacity -
    I'm glad you like my eyeshadow...I usually do three shades but, on rare occasions, I might wear four!!!

    m -
    Thanks for the visit. That Oasis of the Seas is quite a ship - a little too big for my tastes but nice to sail on once, at least. Glad you like my's sort of a trade mark.

    Kat -
    I have to laugh. Several times I've been asked, "Who does your eyeshadow?" Like I have my own makeup person???

    Kat_RN -
    Glad you think I look good in violet! I wear it fairly often.

    DesignTies -
    I am amazed at how many people like this old gal's eyeshadow ( 66 next month! )

  20. Icy BC -
    You are the sweetest, always.

    Sue -
    It's nice to see that my post made you chuckle!

    Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti -
    Thank you for the sweet compliments, Pat. Now I am going to be in a heap of trouble when my vision deteriorates and my hands grow shaky. What will happen to my trademark eyeshadow then?

    JDaniel4's Mom -
    Well, you have every right to disagree with my poetry...but I think some folks aren't helped by makeup! Or maybe they just need a few classes.

    Jo -
    I'm glad you like my eyeshadow. I am always surprised at how many folks do, young and old alike.

    Sharkbytes -
    I'm glad you like my choice of photos.

    A 2 Z -
    Nice to see you here...hope you'll be back!

    Splendid Little Stars -
    I have an entire drawer full of eyeshadow. I can match anything.

    Viki -
    Violet was a fun post. I had quite of few pictures of violet things.

    Anna -
    It's nice that you like my violet and purple eyeshadow. I have always loved doing my eyes and it's become my trademark. I really started it when I was an operating room nurse and that was all that was visible above my mask. Patients loved it.

    I cannot tell you how honored I would be to have you interview me for your blog. Let's chat about it.

    Jingle -
    Thanks for the sweet words.

    secret agent woman -
    No one can seem to let go of the 9-11 stays fresh in our minds.

    Jenny -
    Violet was one of my favorite of our summer school's a lovely color. Orange least appealed to me.