Saturday, September 04, 2010

Camera Critters #126 - I'm Feeling Squirrely - September 4, 2010

Camera Critters #126 - I'm Feeling Squirrely - September 4, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend, Joanne Olivieri who has a fantastic blog,
Poetic Shutterbug, took me to her regular haunt, the San Francisco Botanical Garden.
We spent several hours there taking pictures of the flowers, bees, ducks, Canadian
geese squirrels and other creatures that passed our way.

The squirrels were in rare form, following us fearlessly for handouts.  There were a
couple that, I truly believe, kept up with us until we finally put our cameras away and
headed home. 

I'm posting a few of the pictures I took and am dedicating this post to my friend, Ratty
( he chose to call himself this ) who has a wonderful nature blog called, The Everyday Adventurer.  I think he really is a squirrel whisperer.  He gets the most fantastic
squirrel photographs and, somehow, in his part of the country, he seems to get
different varieties of squirrels - black ones, fox squirrels, as well as eastern gray
squirrels which are the ones in my photographs.

Am I posing nicely?

This is yummy!

See, I'm not afraid of that lady at all!

Look at all the plants!  This is the Botanical Garden, after all.

I think this is my better side.

I have to make sure those other guys keep away from the food!

I'm taking part in Camera Critters - check it out and join in the fun!


  1. Your post made me feeling squirrely as well.

  2. Lovely tribute to Ratty! I kinda think he is a squirrel whisperer too! Haha. So nice to know you and Jo go on a photo walk together -lovely! I've been busy (with my three nieces) lately, I miss photowalks. I guess I can take them once they have adjusted to school already! :) Amazing capture, Carmen! However did you get that fur ball to post for you! So cute!

  3. You just can't help but love those rascal squirrels.

  4. Carmen, he was a precious little guy wasn't he? We definitely made the squirrel family happy that day with all of the treats we had for them. WE have to start naming them like we did with Manfred :D Thanks for the mention and link too xoxo

  5. What a busy beautiful squirrel!

  6. Great shots! I love squirrels :)

  7. wonderful shots. i wish i can get really close to them to take such wonderful photos.

  8. Wow! these are huge ones and very bushy tails.

  9. rainfield61 -
    I'll tell you, I was dreaming about squirrels that night, there were so many ( about 25 ) around us that day!

  10. Tes -
    Those squirrels just posed, no problem. Of course, we had those frosted flakes with us - and they are so tame, they would just come right up and beg. I think they would have taken them right out of our hands but I always am reluctant to have them do that since they are, after all, wild animals and I would want to be bitten by one.

  11. secret agent woman -
    I would love to see some of the other squirrel varieties. I've seen some pictures of the black and fox varieties on Ratty's "Everyday
    Adventurer" and they are beautiful.

  12. Poetic Shutterbug -
    I completely agree with you. We bond with our critters more when they have a name. So when is our next outing? Let's go somewhere like Marin - Sausalito, etc.

  13. chubskulit -
    I'm glad you enjoyed the squirrel menagerie.

  14. Nikki-ann -
    My mom always loved squirrels, too, until one got up into the attic, somehow, and died...the smell that permeated the house was godawful.

  15. ruthi -
    Believe me, if you come down to the Botanical Gardens and have some cheerios with you, squirrels will be as close as you want them to get!!

  16. Indrani -
    I think these squirrels are more than well fed by all the visitors to the Botanical Garden!

  17. Oh Carmen, this is an enjoyable post, and your photos of the squirrel are fantastic!

  18. third down shows off that great tail beautifully... nice share.