Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to John Denton, Hotel Director of Royal Caribbean's, Radiance of the Seas

A very special thing is happening today!  Royal Caribbean's beautiful ship, the
Radiance of the Seas arrives in San Francisco and will be here overnight.  I love the
Radiance and have had the great pleasure of sailing on her six times.  She is such
a beautiful ship, with a ten story glass constructed centrum and glass elevators facing
the ocean.  The Champagne Bar, where I spent a good deal of time, also faces the
sea.  Next to my most beloved ship, the Monarch of the Seas, my first Royal Caribbean
ship, I would have to say the Radiance is my favorite.

I am especially thrilled that the hotel director on board the Radiance for this San
Francisco visit is one of my favorite officers in the entire Royal Caribbean fleet. 
John Denton is a true delight of a man and he makes passengers feel so welcome
on his ships, with his British accent and marvelous smile.  I had the great privilege
of sailing with John many times on the Monarch of the Seas before Royal Caribbean
made the mistake of taking it away from us in California.  All the Monarch's loyal
California cruisers ( and there are hundreds of us ) begged the gods in Miami to
reconsider but, alas, not only did they remove the Monarch, California is soon to be
with no ship in this market - unless we are to cruise with another cruise line ( heaven
forbid! ).

Much to my delight, when I went to Europe to sail on the Legend of the Seas for my
64th birthday, who did I find there but the charming John Denton again.  Of course,
I think he had hoped to stay with the Monarch in much closer proximity to his family
in Florida.  However, working for a cruise line is much like being in the military.  One
must go where they send you!

At least, for the last couple of weeks, the lovely Mrs. Denton has been "first mate" as
the Radiance has finished her Alaska season and is making her way south and through
the Canal to Florida.  San Francisco welcomes the Radiance of the Seas and I,
especially, welcome John and Marisa Denton. 

A very special happy birthday to you, John.  I am so delighted that we share the same
planet and that I have been fortunate to cruise with you.  You are a terrific hotel director.

Hotel Director, John Denton

Dinner at John Denton's table, Monarch of the Seas

To all my blogging buddies, please forgive me if I'm a little remiss for a couple of
days in reading blogs and responding to comments.  My dear friend, Sherry Arndt, a
fellow "queen" has been here for a day and night so we've been having fun and
catching up, wining and dining, sightseeing, and hanging out and then the Dentons
arrive in San Francisco.  Things will be back to normal in a day or so and I'll catch


  1. Anonymous1:10 AM

    How cool. You must sail plenty to know these people like this. Hau`oli La Hanau to John :)

  2. what a sweet post, never been on a cruise but you make it sound divine

  3. 'Forgiven'....lol
    oh you look so happy... c'mon enjoy yourself and blog when you like!

  4. You just seem to make friends so well, wherever you go! Nice picture.

  5. Enjoy the reunions.

  6. It's good to know of this ship in San Fran. I ca use a cruise right now....

  7. oh you are such a wonderful friend. this is an awesome tribute to a dear friend. bless you.