Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Momma Paparazzi - Pictures from Saturday in West Sacramento - September 13, 2010

Momma Paparazzi - Pictures from Saturday in West Sacramento - September 13, 2010

My boys give me such a hard time about having to pose for photographs for my blog,
calling me names like "Momma Paparazzi" and blocking shots with their hands or
whatever they can grab.  Honestly, they only comply when I rant about delivering the last
two of them without epidurals even though they both weighed in excess of eight and a
half pounds each ( Jeremy was 9 pounds, eight ounces ).  I guess I should have started
blogging when they were children.  I think mothers of little ones don't have this problem.

We were all a little somber on Sunday after Saturday night's gunshot incident but I did
get a few photographs earlier on Saturday when we had dinner and celebrated our reunion
with Shawn, my oldest son who had just gotten home from his four months of active duty
in Germany with his Air Force reserve unit from Travis Air Force Base which is located
about sixty miles from San Francisco. Laura's parents and her brother, his wife, and
their sweet little son, Conner, came and my three boys and their ladies were there.  It
was a nice gathering.  I really like Laura's family, especially her mother, Christine, who
is also an R.N.

My granddogs are very sweet and they always remember me.  In fact, Bucky leaped
through the van window when we pulled up.  He is no lightweight, either but he is pretty

This is my youngest son Jeremy, who will be 26, November 2nd, with his lovely girlfriend,
Katie.  He was a division one college decathlete at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and
Katie was a heptathlete there.

These are the newlyweds ( May 7th ), Laura and Alex.  I can't believe it is already four
months since their wedding.  He had his 28th birthday August 27th.

This is Shawn, my oldest son who will be 40 in December.  He's been in the Air Force
Reserves about twenty years now.  He missed his brother's wedding by a week.  It
looks like Laura has forgiven him - he was supposed to be best man but the Air Force
wasn't sympathetic.

Laura - pretty from any angle!

Conner - isn't he the sweetest?  Look at those blue eyes.

Conner was constantly pointing at the ceiling fan.  He doesn't have one in his house and
he really was intrigued by it. 

Laura's delicious fruit tart

Mom, enough already!!!

They pulled out the bottom of the trundle bad and moved it into the living room for Shawn
and, instantly, Taffy hopped on!

What, this isn't for me?

Wait a minute - Bucky figured it was big enough for him, too!

The kids heading our for an evening in Sacramento, leaving me with the granddogs

Snuggling with Shawn

Bucky and Shawn

Cujo understudy

Well, I realize I didn't get a picture of myself in here but that's fine.  I was in a bit of rush to
finish before the boys completely revolted and broke my camera!  The granddogs are
so much nicer about this whole thing!


  1. Wow, you have a 40-year old son..already...

  2. Lovely family photos.
    The last photo is hilarious! LOL!

  3. wow you have a very beautiful family!! i find it cool that you have a 40 year old son! that's wow.. i hope i am still blogging when my daughter turns at least 20 yrs old. ;)

    thanks for dropping by my blog carmen!

  4. This post cracks me up! My kids are reasonably compliant with photo opportunities, but my husband sure gets tired of it. I've been told on more than one occasion to but the dad-gum camera away.

  5. That's so funny, Carmen, your family looks most charming and Conner is so cute!

  6. How wonderful! Shawn looks a lot like you, and Bucky just wanted to taste more of the weekend!

  7. you have a lovely and wonderful family. your children are beautiful and your granddogs are awesome.

  8. Carmen, my children are not very co-operative with my blogging either, in fact the cat can be pretty stubborn too.

    Beautiful family!

  9. All of them together. What joy! Although you didn't get a picture of yourself, I can imagine your happy smiling face in this get together.

  10. Didn'y Lady Gaga write a song about YOU?

  11. It's looks like you all had a really great day together. Even the dogs look happy.
    Carmen, your family is really gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them all with us.
    Cheers, jj

  12. brilliant photography with riveting commentary!

  13. Anonymous3:42 AM

    What a wonderful photos of your family, Carmen! The last picture of Bucky is a keeper :-)

  14. you have a beautiful family, Carmen - the photos convey the sense of warmth and connection very well!

  15. Great photos of your lovely family! And the last one of the dog cracked me up.

  16. Such great pictures of your family, and what a bunch of handsome men! Gees you're so lucky.

  17. Wait, don't want the girls to misunderstand, I commented that way from a mommy's perspective, but the boys are lucky to have such pretty ladies too. Smiles.

  18. You have a gorgeous family (including the dogs). And the fruit tart looks delicious!


  19. Coffeeveggie addict -
    Thank you so much. I am blessed with this family of mine.

    Yes, Shawn will be 40 in December...he was 11 when I had my second son and 13 when Jeremy was
    born. I can't believe I was 38 with son number 2!

    The Chair Speaks -
    I don't know how Bucky did his tongue like that...really wierd!

    niko -
    Sometimes I really feel ancient with these young kids! The two youngest, I pretty much raised alone, no child support - and their older brother was an incredible help, especially after I had extensive back suregery and was out a year and a half on disability.

    Nurse Heidi -
    You get such great photos with you kids! I know hubby probably doesn't enjoy being photographed often but I am sure, once in awhile, he has to come through!

    fullet -
    Our family is pretty small but I am very happy with them...only thing missing is a grandchild. I hope Laura and Alex are working on that.

    Sharkbytes -
    Shawn really looks a lot like his dad, too, especially, when he was about twenty.

    ruthi -
    Many thanks for the sweet compliments about my family.

    Judy Sheldon-Walker -
    I think my family photo sessions are done, at least till Thanksgiving! I can't push my luck!

    Shiju Sugunan -
    It was so nice to have all the boys with me again! I felt so bad that Shawn had to miss Alex's wedding. He was supposed to be best man but his reserve unit got activated and his whole squadron had to report to Germany one week before the wedding.

    G-Man -
    No songs about me by Lady GaGa...maybe a blues number by someone, though.

    Joanna Jenkins -
    Even though Alex and Laura are only 100 miles away in the Sacramento area, it's not often we all get together what with him in School and working full time and Laura working twelve hour shifts as a paramedic. We all have bizarre schedules so we make the most of our little rendevous.

    magiceye -
    After that shooting incident on Saturday, I just wanted to hold those kids close to me. You just never know when your time is up!!

    Icy BC -
    I don't know how Bucky managed to do his tongue like that...wierd dog.

    Manuela -
    They are good boys - but you can see why I was so happy to finally have a daughter-in-law. I really love Jeremy's girl, too, but he says it's way too soon for him to think marriage ( maybe when he's 30 which would be four years
    from now! )

    Self Sagacity -
    They are good young men and they're very close to each other. I am really happy with them.

    secret agent woman -
    Poor Bucky, I don't think that's his most flattering picture ever!

    Fickle Cattle -
    My family and I thank you for your kind comments!