Monday, September 13, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #86 - Yellow Flowers - September 13, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #86 - Yellow Flowers - September 13, 2010

I am participating in Mellow Yellow Monday - join in the fun!


  1. The last one looks pleasantly strange.

  2. They are beautiful flowers in any days.

  3. these are gorgeous yellow flowers!!!

    thanks for dropping by my blog..

  4. You know i love yellow. The third one looks good enough to eat- sprinkled with some spice.

  5. what a lovely flowers that you share here. happy MYM!

  6. by the way, i follow you, hope you do the same.

  7. Gorgeous photos of these flowers, Carmen..

  8. I particularly like the drama of the third. :-)

    [Sorry to hear you think you may not get back to Rome... Keep the vision; it may still happen.]

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  10. Beautiful flowers ! Soon we won't see them outside anymore, sigh !

  11. gorgeous yellow flowers. love them.

  12. I love mellow yellow mondays - my favorite! :)

  13. I think I am just not good at finding colors. These are wonderful contributions to Mellow Yellow meme.

  14. Shiju Sugunan -
    That is an unusual flower - it didn't have a name tag so I'm not sure what it is.

    rainfield61 -
    Flowers are such gifts from God!

    Just Bits and Pieces -
    Yellow flowers cheer me up like nothing else can!

    niko -
    I just love these flowers myself. Wish I had a big bouquet in front of me.

    Sharkbytes -
    That flower is so cheerful looking, perfect for the transition to autumn.

    Ging's -
    Thanks for following me. I signed up to follow you, as well.

    Icy BC -
    I thought these yellow flowers were especially lovely, too.

    Francisca -
    I won't give up hope - I love Rome, especially the nice friends I made at the Hotel Napoleon!

    Gattina -
    I'm not sure where you live but, alas, cold weather will soon be here. We do have some flowers all year long in our area.

    ruthi -
    Glad you liked my yellow flowers.

    Manuela -
    I hope to see you do mellow yellow Mondays..doesn't have to be flowers...since I know Canada will be losing them come winter!

    Self Sagacity -
    I think you are pretty busy with your little one..let her search out colors for you.