Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"H" Is for Hospital - November 10, 2010

"H" Is for Hospital

"H" is for hospital,
I hate going there,
Even when given,
The very best care!

They give you a gown,
That never stays tied,
And gapes open often,
To expose your backside.

Early each morning,
You suffer great pain,
When the lab tech arrives,
And misses your vein.

It's almost impossible,
To get any rest,
You're constantly bothered,
For some kind of test.

I'm the grouchiest patient,
With the surliest mood,
When I get these infusions,
Instead of real food.

To tell you the truth,
There isn't much worse,
Than being a patient,
When you're also a nurse!!

It really is scary,
To be feeling so sick,
And the road to recovery,
Isn't so quick.

And if that's not enough,
When you're given your bill,
You'll suffer a relapse,
And really feel ill.

Carmen Henesy
Copyright (c)  Carmen Henesy
November 10, 2010
All rights reserved

  Exactly five years ago, I wrote this poem for another blog, posted just after
hospitalization for cellulitis of my left ankle.  I thought I would repost it since I am being
hospitalized again.  I will be admitted to California Pacific Medical Center, Pacific Campus, San Francisco, November 18th, for my right total shoulder arthroplasty, to be done by
Dr. John Belzer, surgeon to the likes of athletes of the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco Forty Niners and other pro athletic teams - as well as members of the San Francisco Ballet!  He is an excellent orthopedic surgeon who, if good looks and a charming
bedside manner were a prerequisite, could replace Patrick Dempsey on "Grey's
Anatomy" ( I can't vouch for his acting ability ).  

I'd like to ask that everyone offer up a prayer for my well being - and that of my surgeon, 
his assistant, the anesthesiologist, the surgical team and all involved in my care and recovery.  We could all use a little Divine intervention!


  1. Excellent! I've felt the same in my many hospital episodes.

  2. Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery Carmen. I'll be thinking of you.

  3. Best wishes always!!

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