Monday, May 12, 2014

Mandarin Orange Monday 93 - Rajasthani Dancers in Orange - May 12, 2014

During my first visit to Jaipur, a dear forensic nurse colleague and friend, Virginia
Lynch, and I ended our stay with dinner at a restaurant called Indiana.  It was a 
delightful evening with delicious food and an amazing show.  We had the best
table in the house, front and center, and watched mesmerized, as the women 
whirled, slowly at first, then more rapidly, as the tempo increased, balancing
various pots on their heads, including a grand finale with a metal urn set aflame.
I was dizzy just from watching.

While their dresses were a beautiful and varied array of colors, this one of orange
was perfect for today's theme.  What wonderful memories looking at these 
photographs brought back.

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  1. Full of grace.
    Lovely moments from past.

  2. It was such a special evening, Indrani. I loved watching these dancers. It just amazes me that they can balance so many things and not miss a beat!!!

  3. Yes, wonderful pictures, I like the beauty of the dancer and her dress!

  4. They sure know how to do fancy.

  5. wonderful images for MOM. I wouldn´t dare dansing with fire on my head. The woman is daring. .)

  6. Very beautiful and how special to experience!

  7. How elegant and I love her eye makeup!

  8. Gorgeous!
    It's always wonderful to hear about your memories from your travels, Carmen. Thanks for sharing.
    xo jj

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