Sunday, January 06, 2013

Having Fun - January 5, 2013

Since coming home from India, I've gotten out a bit, meeting friends for lunch
or dinner and seeing my favorite local entertainers.  It's nice to live in an area
where you can do that, even on a restricted budget. Zingari, a great Italian 
restaurant at the Hotel Donatello ( actually owned and managed by Krishan
Miglani who is from India! ) has a wonderful jazz club - intimate, romantic ( if
you're lucky enough to be there with a sweetheart ).  I've been going there 
for years, since the days when my friend, Sony Holland, used to perform there.
Subsequently, I've become friends with some of the other entertainers, many 
of whom are accompanied by my all time favorite piano player, Shota Osabe.

My friend, Kris, and I went Thursday night to see Anne O'Brien.  Shota was on
the piano and Chuck Bennett, on bass.  The place was almost empty for awhile
so it was like having our own private concert.  Anne, who specializes in "The Great 
American Songbook", has an incredibly lovely voice and delights audiences all
over the Bay area.

There is a nice dance floor at Zingari but I'd never seen anyone use it before.
We were surprised when a young couple came in and wowed us with their 
performance.  They looked wonderful together and really seemed to enjoy
themselves.  I know we enjoyed them!

Chuck Bennett, Anne O'Brien

The lovely Anne O'Brien

Terrific music!


Kris and I are the only audience, at this point!  What a waste of great talent.

Shota Osabe - sorry about the flash!!

The lady with the lovely smile - & a voice to match!

A young Fred and Ginger

They certainly burned off calories!

The dapper Shota Osabe

All smiles with my favorite piano player

With Shota Osabe, Anne O'Brien, and Churck Bennett


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