Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Consider Brunch for Lunch and Leave Happy - October 15, 2012

My return to the ITC Rajputana on Sunday was a total delight.  I could hear soft echoes 
of my son, Jeremy, somewhere in the background, saying, "Mom,watch it.  You've lost 
thirty pounds during your two visits to India.  You could do some damage in one brunch."  Oh", I replied, mentally, "but what a way to go!"

I met Nadeem Khan about 12:30PM and we headed over toward the Jal Mahal 
Restaurant. The Sunday brunch operates between the hours of 12:30P and 3P and 
has a huge variety of foods - Continental, Indian, Chinese - salads and breads.  The 
cost is 1000 rupees plus taxes and the price of beverages.  It is well worth the splurge.  
Go hungry so you can really enjoy all the beautiful temptations.

We were the first persons there as I wanted to take some photographs before the crowd
arrived.  Chef Parul Kapoor met us at the lobby bar where a few appetizers were set out 
for early guests who waited for the buffet setup to be completed.

Sipping a lovely Jacob's Creek Australian chardonnay

The ever smilng Nadeen Khan sipping what looks like a very refreshing mojito. 
That reminds me of my cruising days aboard Royal Caribbean ships.

As always, beautiful flowers are everywhere and I must photograph them!

The Jal Mahal dining room with Nadeem Khan and a staff member

Before we dined, Chef Kapoor gave us a personal tour of the buffet, explaining
the various dishes, their ingredients and I took a number of photographs, growing
more ravenous by the minute.  I didn't see any egg dishes but I was clear that was NOT
what I was after anyway.

The array of choices was endless

I skipped this section.

Here, again, is the lovely Chef Kapoor, still slim.  She doesn't look like most of the chefs
with whom I am acquainted.

Staff ready and waiting for the hungry diners

I should have had my notebook with me as Chef Kapoor was showing us about the
buffet line because, looking back at the pictures, I can't recall what everything was.
Some of the items were  arranged in regional specialties and I believe these were
Rajasthani dishes.

This look good but I don't recall if it was a meat dish or a dessert.  I must return!

Moong Dal Halwa, a delicious Indian dessert

Sweet pakoras

Wonderful tarts with tropical fruits

This beautiful coconut creation was low calorie or something of that nature

Some sort of pumpkin muffin

Chef Kapoor and Nadeem Khan, posing for me

Nadeem Khan, ever smiling

Instead of going through the buffet line, the waiters offered to bring me an assortment
of the day's choices.  That sounded wonderful to me and the delights began. It was
especially nice because I didn't get too full and I got to sample a bit of nearly 

Delicious lamb with mint and tamarind sauces

An fabulous vegetable crab crepe with basil tomato sauce

We were joined frequently by Jal Mahal manager, Aman

Such a lovely restaurant

Indian art throughout the restaurant

I wouldn't like to clean these chandeliers!

Deep fried dumpling, black lentil yoghurt, river fish, lamb shish kebab

This was my favorite dish of all - a cold spiced lamb dish - a salad, I think, with red 
onions.It was crunchy and crispy, kind of sweet and sour, quite spicy and out of this

Delicious chicken salad

Wonderful spicy Indian vegetables

The grand finale to my brunch - a fabulous tart with tropical fruits!

It was a wonderful meal start to finish.  I've had such a problem, though, completing this
blog, especially downloading the pictures.  With several of them, I've been thinking, "Oh,
goodness, I should have had seconds on this!  Of course, there is ALWAYS next Sunday.
I meant to ask Chef Kapoor how often the brunch menu changes!

The website for the ITC Rajputana Hotel is:


  1. All are so wonderful.

    And so wonderful to your weight too.

    1. Rainfield - it was a spectacular feast. I could easily
      have done some damage to my diet but I was really carefully. Sampling was the way to do it though there were some things I could have eaten more of, that's for sure. That one crunchy lamb dish was so amazing!

  2. My Goodness..... you are living it up! Everything looks so grand.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

    1. This last month of my five in Jaipur, I find there are so many places I've missed that I would like to visit but the budget just doesn't allow. Retirement has put a bit of a damper on things. I'm just glad, though, that I've had such a wonderful opportunity to spend time in India.


  3. Hello, RNSANE.

      You seemed to enjoy Eastern World.
      It is experience of the supreme bliss.
      Difference in grand culture. Or chaos.
      It is surely fascinating.

      Did you feel slow passage of the time?

      Lovely your works, full of joy.

      Thank you World-wide LOVE, and your Support.

      The prayer for all peace.
      I wish You all the best.

    Have a good weekend. from Japan ruma ❀

  4. You look great and happy, Carmen! All the foods and the setting looks very enticing..

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