Saturday, May 19, 2012

Camera Critters #215 - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - May 19, 2012

The first two are my granddogs, Taffy and Bucky.  I visited them
for the first time, in five months, this past weekend.  I was worried
they might have forgotten me during my time in India but they went 
crazy when I walked in the door, showering me with licks and they
stayed beside me constantly the whole three days I visited.  Isn't it 
wonderful how pets remember you?

This is my granddog, Bucky.  He's a big clutz, but such
a love.

My friend, Virginia, and I saw these two dogs, enjoying
the sun on the campus of Punjab University in Patiala, India.
They didn't even move when we passed by.

This is Skip, the sweet dog who belongs to my "nephew," Nick.
I stayed at their home my entire four months in Mumbai.  

I am participating in Camera Critters #215 -
add your critter shot to join in the fun.


  1. They're such lovely dogs, you captured them well.

    1. Denise, I was away in India for four months...didn't see the granddogs for almost five...was so glad that they remembered me!!!

  2. Dogs provide unconditional love. Wonderful life... a dog has when properly cared for.

    1. Most of my life, I rented a house so my sons never could have a dog. When my middle son married and bought a home, the first thing they did was adopt two dogs ( the ones on the couch ) from a shelter. I just love them.

  3. Now I am sleepy lol. Siesta time!

    Come and see the cicada in my critter entry.

    1. granddogs are so sweet. Last year, when my son and his wife went to Hawaii for a week, I housesat ..Bucky and Taffy slept with me each night in their big CA king bed. Even though there was so much room, they snuggled right up against me...sweet doggies.

  4. OMG, both you and Bucky look alike.

    No no no no... I mean Bucky is as lovely as you.

  5. rainfield...shame on you...Bucky doesn't even resemble me in the least. Now, perhaps, sweet ladylike Taffy does....come here, you old rogue, I'm going to have to give you a punch for saying something like that!!!

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