Thursday, March 08, 2012

I Am Woman - International Women's Day - Mar 8, 2012

I was born a girl child,
In the country of the free,
Yet, even living there,
At times, it's hard for me.

I see among my sisters,
The struggles that they face,
But to find it in the USA,
To me is a disgrace.

For many women of the world,
Gender bias is the norm,
A way of life for centuries,
It is hard to make reform.

Baby girls are murdered,
Their lives snuffed out at birth,
These precious little innocents,
Who are felt of little worth.

Some women struggle endlessly,
For food enough to eat,
For shelter for their families,
They will never admit defeat.

Others do such menial work,
For less pay than men will earn,
Returning home late at night,
Where no one shows concern.

To my sisters facing so much pain,
I am here, in heart and soul,
United and acknowledging,
We share a common goal.

Just know that you are not alone,
Change will come, albeit slow,
Your determination and spirit,
Reap more than you will ever know.

Be proud that you are woman,
Of all you accomplish along the way,
Stand, united, all sisters of the world,
As we celebrate our day.

Copyright (c) March 8, 2012
 by Carmen Henesy 
All rights reserved. 


  1. Carmen, what a wonderful and powerful poem! Let's celebrate all the WOMEN in the world.

    1. I am sitting at McDonald's using my Samsung Note 2 and seeing is that I never replied to some of these wonderful comments. thank you so much

  2. Carmen, I am echoing Icy, this is such a wonderful and powerful poem.

  3. Hi Carmen! Sorry for the absence, but time has been at a premium here... ;)

    Hope you had a Great Day!!

    Blogtrotter Two has reached April 2011; no trips, and posting delay is shortening... But the current post is the kind you will like... ;)
    Enjoy and have a great weekend!!!

  4. I didn't even know "we" had a day. Horray!

  5. So you visited Mysore Palace! Beautiful header shot.
    Happy IWD to you!

  6. Hi Carmen
    Thinking of you -- I hope your tracvels though India habve been wonderful!

  7. Amen to that, Carmen!
    xo jj

  8. Sorry I couldn't get over here on the day, Carmen. Great poem.


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