Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #122 - A Beautiful Indian Flower - May 22, 2011

Many of you may have seen past photographs I have posted that were taken by
my dear Indian friend, Rohan Saraf, who is a senior beverage manager at Royal
Caribbean International.  He is part of my crew "family."  I haven't been able to
cruise in quite some time and it has been even longer since I've seen Rohan but,
he is one of those friends who remain dear to your heart, regardless of the time or
distance that lapse between visits.

Besides being an excellent beverage manager, Rohan is an incredible
photographer. Some of his efforts are of award winning quality.  I've asked his
permission to use some of his shots in my blog and he has been kind
enough to allow me to share his pictures with you from time to time.  If he ever
decides to retire from Royal Caribbean, he could add to his income as a photographer.

I want to thank Rohan for allowing me to use this lovely flower as my Mellow
Yellow post for this week.  Of course, his photo is copyrighted and is the
property of the photographer, Rohan Saraf.  It may not be used in any way without
express permission. 

I am taking part in Mellow Yellow Monday - check out
the link and add your yellow post.


  1. Beautifully photographed.

  2. It is such a lovely flower but unknown to me...thanks for the visit!

  3. The header is very beautiful.

  4. Rohan is really a fab photographer. Do convey my compliments to him!!!
    India Heritage Museum
    What I wore to a Museum Visit
    Some summer Scarves

  5. Well look at that....I drop in from India and you already have a little of it here :)

    Clean and beautiful shot, too...

  6. Very dainty. Happy Monday!

    Yellow Bird

  7. lovely shades of yellow.
    and your header photo is stunning!

    Mellow Yellow Monday

  8. Aw, the bee sipping nectar! What a great shot!
    The blogosphere is indeed full of amazing photographers!

  9. Your friend is a very good photohgrapher. I love this shot. Thanks for the visit & comment. See you around!

  10. Gorgeous header, Carmen, and the yellow flower is so pretty!

  11. beautiful Carmen, you are such a dear, good and sweet friend, I can sense from your words and posts here. May your kind multiply more.

  12. Beautifully captured!

    Late bloghopping for mellow yeallow, hope you can drop by and comment on my entry at
    Etcetera Etcetera, see yah.

  13. I saw these in Greece and thought of them as paint flowers.

  14. Rajesh -
    My friend, Rohan, is a wonderful photograph and, in his job with Royal Caribbean, he is getting to travel all over the globe!! I am blessed to have met him and his friendship is a treasure.

    Vienna Daily -
    It is a beautiful flower, with coloring like our daisy but the petal shape is different.

    secret agent woman -
    I think the flower is just beautiful. I am sure Rohan photgraphed it when he was home in India, probably near Kathmandu where he is from.

    lina @ home sweet home -
    I have been amazed at some of Rohan's incredible photography. His job with Royal Caribbean takes him to ports all over the world. Not that he gets much time off the ship to enjoy the places he's in!

    rainfield61 -
    I'm glad you like my header. I was really lucky to get that Matijila poppy just as the bee was going in for his nectar! That is the largest of all poppies and it grows from Mexico through California, often to a height of 8 feet!!

    Mitr Friend - Bhushavali -
    I will certainly forward all these lovely comments to Rohan. I am very impressed with his incredible talent as a photographer. I love his work and keep telling him he will have to consider this as a profession when he decides to retire from the food and beverage industry.

    ♥ Braja -
    Well, I do have some wonderful Indian crew friends with Royal Caribbean...that's one of the reasons I want to visit India so badly and, of course, I've made lots of Indian blogger friends. I hope to meet them all!!!

    Kim, USA -
    It is a pretty little flower. If I get to India, I'll keep my eyes peeled for it.

    Luna Miranda -
    I'm glad you like my header photo. I took it last year. I love those giant poppies with their unusual crinkly petals.

    Jemina -
    Thank you for the nice compliment. I am an amateur photographer, at best.

    STEF -
    Rohan is really becoming quite a photographer. I'm always glad when he has a chance to get off the ship to take pictures. He is usually so busy, he doesn't have much time, though. As beverage manager a ship the size of the Allure of the Seas, they are so busy!!

    Icy BC -
    I'm glad I put up that photo as my header. I took it last year when I was at the Botanical Garden with Jo. It looks pretty good up there, with the bee heading in to the flower!!

    chubskulit -
    Glad you like my friend's photo!! He's terrific, isn't he?

    betchai -
    I am so blessed to have very special friends! Nothing is worse to lose one so I work hard to keep them!!