Saturday, August 14, 2010

Camera Critters and Pet Pride - A Nice Dog in San Francisco's Washington Square - August 14, 2010

Camera Critters and Pet Pride
 A Nice Dog in San Francisco's Washington Square
 August 14, 2010

A friend and I were taking a shortcut through San Francisco's Washington Square on Thursday afternoon, en route to see our favorite jazz diva perform at a local North Beach cafe.  People were out in droves to enjoy the beautiful sunny day.  One young man was lazily giving his dog a workout.  He was stretched out on the grass, tossing a ball for his dog who raced happily after it, bringing it dutifully back to his master.  After about fifteen minutes of this, the young man got up, picked up the leash, and the dog trotted after him, panting from his exercise!

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  1. HA! Maggie makes me work just as hard as she does. She prefers keepaway.

  2. Sweet....what a beautiful shiny coat it has.

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. I love dogs, wish I could have it as a pet someday!
    Happy Sunday!

  4. Sounds like a very well behave dog! You caught it in action, and it's wonderful, Carmen!

  5. Sharkbytes -
    She just wants to make sure you get your exercise! But she KNOWS how active you are!

    That dog did have a beauitful coat. It was very clear he was loved.

    Wifey10 -
    I love dogs, too. It is always such fun to go to the Cow Palace here when they have the big dog shows.

    Boom Nisanart -
    That dog was really having a great time. He wasn't paying attention to any of the other dogs in the park.

    Icy BC -
    He was really a super dog. He was having so much fun.

  6. Superb shot. He is awesome.

  7. I used to go to Washington Square all the time when I lived in SF (20+ years ago). Thanks for the great memory!

    That dog is gorgeous!

    Hope all is well with you Carmen. Happy weekend, jj

  8. How I wish to have that energy! The dog is beautiful!

  9. That is one gorgeous dog.