Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Golden Gate Bridge - Sundays In My City - August 22, 2010

The Golden Gate Bridge - Sundays In My City - August 22, 2010

No matter when I see the Golden Gate Bridge, it gives me a sense of joy - as it did when
 I first saw it forty-seven years ago, at the age of eighteen.  It, to me, is a symbol of the
United States.  I can imagine the sadness troops must have felt sailing under it as they
headed out to sea, on their way to war far from their homeland.  I have felt the thrill of
coming home, on board a cruise ship, though it meant waking up at 5AM, to see its
orange suspensions, shrouded in fog, above me ( good thing I had a balcony and
didn't actually have to meander up on deck ).  It was much more fun sailing out of San
Francisco at 5PM on another cruise, dancing on the deck and toasting the city by the
Bay with an umbrella cocktail.

The bridge is a tease, reminding us to ALWAYS have a camera with us.  There are so
many incredible shots - in full sun, full fog, half sun, half fog, tendrils of fog, full moon and
every phase in between, rain, clouds, Sausalito side, San Francisco side, underneath -
you get what I mean.

Forgive the addition of my name to my photos.  It is something new since I discovered
someone has been claiming some of my photos as their own.  I am generous, to a fault,
about sharing but don't like it when my work is used without my permission and then
passed off as theirs.

I am participating in Unknown Mami's Sunday in My City!
Join in the fun.


  1. I like all the different angles and perspectives in these shots. The bridge is a wonderful American icon.

  2. I feel the same way about our Big Mac!

  3. Loved the pics.. The second one is my favorite...
    What a beautiful structure..
    Have a nice day:)

  4. I would so love to see it!

  5. These are spectacular, Carmen.

  6. Spectacular pictures, and you keep your name on them! The bridge is amazing, thanks for sharing.

  7. I never ever get tired of views of the bridge or of pictures of it. It really is stunning and can be photographed from so many different angles.

  8. It's superb, and your explanation made me dream of great journeys.

  9. beautiful pics

  10. What great photos and wonderful timing. I'm heading your way in a few weeks, so I'll be sure to try and get a few pics of your beautiful city myself!

  11. the golden gate is indeed gorgeous. i hope i will be able to take photo of the golden gate when i visit California in December.

  12. Love to have been able to see the Golden Gate up close. Gorgeous captures, btw!!!

  13. Tara R. -
    The bridge is so special to me and I never tire of it.

    Sharkbytes(TM) -
    Funny, how folks get so attached to bridges!

    Arti -
    I am so glad you liked my Golden Gate shots. As often as I have photographed it, seeing it this time was a thrill!

    Welschcakes Limoncello -
    You need to head over this way to write an article about San Francisco's Italian North Beach section for your magazine!

    Poetic Shutterbug -
    You've done some great photographs of the bridge, Jo!

    Glynis -
    A bridge in Lisbon, by the same designer, looks so much like the Golden Gate. I was so suprised when our cruise ship pulled in, early in the morning, and I saw it!

    Unknown Mami -
    There are so many special spots in this city. The Bay Bridge is lovely, as well, especially the suspension section.

    fullet -
    So glad you liked the shots. Jo and I keep hoping that, one of the days, you're going to write that you are coming for a visit.

    Rocky Mountain Woman -
    You will have to give me a call when you are here so we can meet for coffee or lunch or something. I'll take you about our city to some of the out of the way spots.

    ruthi -
    I am hoping to be in India in December but, if I'm in town, we'll have to get together when you're here in December. Have you visited San
    Francisco before?

    Liz@thisfullhouse -
    Glad you liked my Golden Gate photos. You can never go wrong with that bridge!

    sm -
    I was thinking about you this weekend. I was on a Bollywood binge...three films, all romances, Jab We Met, Vivah, and Salaam-E-Ishq. I don't remember seeing Shahid Kapur - he was in two of the films. Handsome devil...I've ordered some more of his films. I was sorry to see that, after three years of dating him, Kareena Kapoor, is no longer seeing him and is with Saif Ali Khan - guess he's older and wealthier!

  14. Anonymous4:03 AM

    Gorgeous photos of the bridge, Carmen!
    I'm sorry about that plagiarism, it's sad that people think it's ok to steal another's person work.

  15. great pics. i got to see it on a business trip a few years really is breathtaking...

  16. Icy BC -
    I know Jo had a problem awhile back with someone in Russia stealing her entire blog - posts and photgraphs!! This was a friend, though, just using my photos. All she had to do was ask.

    Brian Miller -
    Nice that you got to come to San Francisco. I hope you weren't working the whole time, though!