Monday, August 23, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday - California Matilija Poppy - August 23, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday - California Matilija Poppy - August 23, 2010

The California Matilija Poppy is a striking flower, of the genus, Romnyea.  They
are also called tree poppies and are native to northern Mexico and California.  They
are perinneals with wooden stems, which may grow to a height of 8 feet, with flowers
that may reach 5 inches across.  According to Wikipedia, they may be difficult to
grow but, once established, they are hard to remove.

I love the flowers, with their huge yellow centers and crepe paper petals which blow in
the breeze.  Bees seem to like them as well!  I saw them, for the first time, this year -
where have they been for the other sixty-four years of my life?

These shots are from the San Francisco Botannical Gardens.

I am taking part in Mellow Yellow Monday - join in the fun!


  1. WOW! That second shot is awesome, nice work

  2. Anonymous4:00 AM

    You caught the fly in flight, Carmen. What a beautiful flower and shot..

  3. Beautiful, The only poppies I have seen before are the classic reds, they are some of my favorite flowers. I would love to wander through those gardens. Great Bee shot.

  4. i like all the shots. its beautiful Carmen. most of all i love nature shot. happy monday!

  5. Fabulous shots of this gorgeous flower. And it's helper bee!

  6. Wow I never thought that poppies has so many different varieties and this one is really pretty too. Great shot to the second photo, but my favorite is the 3rd one. Happy MOnday!
    Yellow Pick-up

  7. What a beautiful flower! I don't know that one at all!

  8. Cool flower... Great choice for MYM!

    Btw, I'm Christian and I just followed you...Can you add me please?

    You can view my entry here:

  9. it is indeed striking. it looks like a lady in white flowing skirt.

  10. I like this one a lot. It looks like a dandelion with a skirt.

  11. Great shots!!! Also love you last bridge post. Thanks for the visit.

  12. Wow those r stunning captures!!

  13. Hello Carmen, your photos wowed me! You have captured the poppies beautifully! The depth and clarity of the last shot is amazing, I love the ruffled petals and the vivid yellow center. :)

  14. Amazing captures! & a perfect yellow bee for the day.
    Congratulations on your book too - that is quite an achievement.

  15. Fantastic shots. Love all the pictures.

    Thank you for the visit.

  16. very lovely, I never notice our poppies carefully.

  17. Samson -
    I love these Matilija poppies! Do they have anything like that in India? I'll have to bring seeds when I come to visit! Bees were all over the place when I visited the Botannical Gardens on Wednesday!!

    Icy BC -
    There were so many bees out there, all one had to do was point the camera and shoot - it would have been hard not to get one in flight!

    Kat_RN -
    Our traditional CA poppy is a golden orange and, of course, we have red ones. I had never seen these Matilija poppies until a few months ago. They are so pretty, especially blowing in the wind. The petals just flutter.

    Life Moto -
    I'm glad you liked all these shots. I was so pleased with how they turned out.

    Stephanie V -
    That day at the Botannical Garden turned out to be a wonderful day in terms of great flower photography!

  18. Manang Kim -
    It was such a fun day, taking all those pictures. We were there several hours.

    Sharkbytes -
    That Matilija poppy is native to California and Mexico so I am not sure if it grows as far east as your area. You should try planting it.

    Christian -
    Have you seen the Matilijan poppy in your part of the world?

  19. Very beautiful flower.

  20. That's lovely. I'm used to the more standard red poppies around here.

  21. Beautiful pictures. I like the last one best.

  22. LadyNoor -
    These Matilija poppies are so amazing to see.

    lazyclick -
    They are truly beautiful flowers. Can't believe I never saw them until this year.

    secret agent woman -
    To see these giant Matilija poppies growing is incredible. I like them best, however, when they are not taller than my head! Otherwise, it's hard to see them!

    Rajesh -
    They are incredibly beautiful flowers, especially when they are blowing in the wind. The petals of the flowers are like crepe paper.

    Ann -
    These are such unusual flowers. I am amazed that I have never seen them before since they are native to California and Mexico.

    Eden -
    I, too, love these pictures. The flowers are
    so beautiful.

    Lily Hydrangea -
    I am so thrilled to have finally published that book. It isn't a best seller but I made my first $100 in royalties....blessed income after I lost my forensic nursing job of 21 years in budget cuts 18 months ago. Retirement has been really difficult on a half time pension with a $90,000 decrese in my annual income.

    That poppy is so phenomenal with its huge yellow center and its crepe paper petals - and it grows to Texas proportions.

    Priyanka Bhowmick -
    Glad you liked my CA giant poppies!

    Angie -
    Thanks so much for you visits to my blog.

    Ratty -
    You described this Matilija poppy perfectly. It does look like a dandelion with a skirt!!

    ruthi -
    You and Ratty both saw the flower as wearing a skirt. Great minds think alike!