Monday, August 23, 2010

Magpie Tale, #28 - Something's Missing - August 24, 2010

Magpie Tale, #28 - Something's Missing - August 24, 2010

The week just past was awful,
I worked late every night,
And rose each day at dawn,
I know I looked a fright.

I ate lunch at my desk,
And turned down dinners out,
My friends were getting worried,
Of that there was no doubt.

The project was completed,
The deadline finally met,
I wearily left the office,
And got in my Corvette.

Once home, I was indulgent,
I feasted on pate,
Followed up with caviar,
Saved for a special day.

I washed it down with bubbly,
A vintage bought in France,
And put on soothing music,
The cat looked at me askance.

I lit candles in the bathroom,
And got out relaxing scent,
And as bubbles filled the bathtub,
Into the soothing warmth I went.

I lay listening to the music,
Then realized my rotten luck,
With all that preparation,
I forgot my rubber duck!

Carmen Henesy
Copyright (c) 2010 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved

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  1. Cute- your sense of humor is intact!

  2. Cute ending, Carmen!! My kinda celebration.

  3. Oh no! Forgot your rubber duck! Life can just be a drag at times!!

  4. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments on my Magpie - love this but fancy forgetting the most important thing!

  5. Dear Carmen,

    Once home, I was indulgent,
    I feasted on pate,
    Followed up with caviar,
    Saved for a special day.

    Qnd she wanted her rubber duck?


  6. ha, that ending got me by surprise, very nice!

    fun magpie!

  7. Love the rhythm of your work, and the rhyme never seems forced. Great last line!

  8. Ha ha. Now I've got the Sesame Street "Rubber Ducky" song in my head.

  9. love the twist in your poem Carmen, I too got surprised by the rubber duck :)

  10. That was definitely worth the visit. Too cute.

  11. Hi Carmen, that is the way I like to end my day every day if I could. That's not too shabby of a week...Smiles

  12. Hehe cute It could be worse o e of our duck could decide to fly in the window and share your bubbles :)

  13. I stole the rubber duck!! :p

    Hey Carmen, thanks for your message on my blog. I think I've told you before that how I admire the way you live your life - it's like everyday is a celebration!

  14. Rubber duck-ha. I love the ending. Great job.

  15. Sharkbytes -
    Thank heavens, my sense of humor endured when I
    lost my job. I have needed that so much!!!

    willow -
    I had fun with this magpie. It's been a great challenge coming up with these.

    Retiredandcrazy -
    What's a bath without a rubber ducky?

    madamebutterfly -
    I seldom indulge in a bath though I do love them, especially when they have all the amenities.

    ninotaziz -
    I suppose, with caviar and pate AND champagne, I could certainly do without that little yellow rubber ducky but, then, why not have it all??

    Everyday Goddess -
    I am very pleased that you liked my magpie. I hoped that little rubber duck would be a surprise.

    Tina -
    I always appreciate your comments and your being here.

    secret agent woman -
    I didn't even remember the Sesame Street "Rubber
    Ducky" song but I just finished looking & listening to it on You Tube - now I'm afraid it will be with me the rest of the night!!!

    betchai -
    Figured I needed to add a touch of humor with my rubber duckie!!

    CityMom2 -
    I am so glad you stopped by and hope you'll be back again!

    Self Sagacity -
    It's fun to be able to write a fantasy - caviar, champagne, a Corvette....I wish!!

    Sukhmandir Kaur -
    I think if a real duck jumped into my bath, I'd probably leap out pretty quickly!!!

    LadyNoor -
    I just have to keep laughing in order not to cry. Since I lost my job eighteen months ago and had to retire, life has not been the same. Surviving on a$90,000 less a year has been so difficult!

    Linda -
    Glad you liked my magpie. I had fun with it.

  16. You should never, never, NEVER forget the rubber duckie, Carmen... never....! :)