Sunday, August 08, 2010

Oahu, Hawaii - Scenic Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oahu, Hawaii - Scenic Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hawaii, from San Francisco, is only a short five hour flight, close enough for a weekend
visit when air fares permit.  I fell in love with these islands when I was only sixteen-years-
old and joined the Army judo club in my home town of Columbus, Georgia.  Many of
the other members were in the Hawaii National Guard or were Army personnel from
Hawaii stationed at Ft. Benning, Georgia.  One of these men, Warren Fukushima, has
been my friend since that time, almost fifty years.

I first visited Hawaii when I was eighteen and I have been back about ten times over
the years.   I love the diversity that is Hawaii, the blend of cultures, the music, the food,
the dances, the traditions.  For over twenty years now, when I visit, my friend, Warren
has been there, too.  I cannot imagine Hawaii without him.  He is the spirit of aloha.

Sunrise over Diamondhead

The Byodo-In Buddhist Temple

From the temple website:  "The Byodo-In Temple is located at the foot of the Ko'olau Mountains in Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. It was established on June 7, 1968, to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants to Hawaii. The temple is built entirely without nails. It is a scale replica of a temple in Uji, Japan, that was constructed over 950 years ago.

The Byodo-In Temple is a non-denominational Buddhist temple which welcomes people of all faiths to worship, meditate or simply appreciate its beauty. The temple grounds are often used for wedding ceremonies for Hawaiians or visitors from Japan.

The Temple grounds are a lushly landscaped paradise nestled in a cleft of the pali and are home to wild peacocks and hundreds of Japanese koi carp. The beautiful grounds include a large reflecting pond, meditation niches, and small waterfalls. Visitors describe this destination as beautiful, peaceful, and restful."

This is really such a beautiful place, away from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki.  I never visit Oahu without stopping here.

North Shore, Oahu, near Turtle Bay Hilton

I am participating in Scenic Sunday - join in the fun!


  1. Hawaii is one of the earliest state that was known to me during I was a small boy, but it is not a four-hours flight from Penang.

  2. We all love Hawaii...the smells are the best ...and they start at the airport. aloha.....

  3. Beautiful scenic views. thank you. And...Oh! To have a friend for more than 50 years...what a BLESSING! You must both be greatly worthy.

  4. Beautiful place. The shots of the temple and the breezy shore are great.

  5. Speaking of Hawaii... the first thing that will come to my mind will be photos of waves and beaches. It is very refreshing to see your Buddhist Temple. That is something you don't associate Hawaii with. Thanks for sharing.

  6. «Louis» really likes that first photo. Fantastic!

  7. aloha,

    yes its always good to come and visit especially these amazing places like byodo and spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, i love the country settings and part of old hawaii that still exists on Oahu.

  8. visited Hawaii once, would love to go back. Nice shots.

  9. I love these photos, Carmen! They are just fantastic..

  10. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Scenic, ohh yes indeed! Great shots ;-)

  11. We visited Hawaii when I was about 6 and then I lived there for a summer as a teen. It's a beautiful place.

  12. rainfield61 -
    Hawaii is a nice stopover on the way to Malaysia!

    Susan Erikson -
    You're right. Hawaii smells wonderful. Tuberose, plumeria, pikake...wonderful scents. I actually like Hawaii better than the Caribbean. It's usually not so terribly hot...nice tradewinds and I love the music...though I do like reggae, too.

    steveroni -
    I have several friends now who have been with me for 50 years...I treasure them. I cannot imagine life without them.

    Rajesh -
    We are fortunate to have Hawaii as our 50th state. I imagine there are places in India that are much like parts of Hawaii.

    ruthi -
    Though it is now a rather old book, you should read James Michner's "Hawaii" - it's a wonderful story of Hawaii and it's mutliple ethnicities. There really are quite a few temples and many Buddhists in the islands.

    Louis la Vache -
    Seeing Diamond Head is always such a thrill for me. There's a little restaurant, Ono's Hawaiian Foods, on Kapahulu, a little dive that I eat at first thing on arrival and as I'm headed to the airport on departure. They have everything I love and I've even become a fan of poi over the years...even the day old kind!!

    noel -
    I loved it in the old days when I'd visit and my friends would go snorkeling and catch fresh tako for me. I rarely go to Hawaii without spending a few days on Oahu - too many good friends to pass it by - I'm not one to sit for hours at the beach, baking in the sun. Sitting and contemplating life at Byodo is nice for me!

    NatureFootstep -
    Hawaii is such a special place. I never tire of it - so many memories there.

    Icy BC -
    I've misplaced so many pictures. I have dozens and dozens of Hawaii but I can locate them anywhere.

    anjoe playhouse -
    Hawaii has been part of my lifetime. I wish I could put my hands on all my pictures taken there...from my skinny days to now! I have no idea where all those photos are hiding.

    secret agent woman -
    You must have had a great time in Hawaii as a teenager. My first visit, at 18, was such a thrill for me. And it has gotten better every time.

  13. The Byodo-In Buddhist Temple is very excellent.

    Thank you for guiding it.

    From the Far East.

  14. Yes. I have swum at the Hawaiian shore.

    San Francisco.

    They are the paradise which U.S.A. is proud of...