Sunday, April 04, 2010

Scenic Sunday, 4-4-10 Scenes of Key West, Florida

I am participating in Scenic Sunday - join in the fun!


Key West view from the Majesty's deck

There are always dozens of sailboats around the ship

Old Customs House, Key West

Key West Lighthouse

Island off Key West

Pretty expensive boats

Accompanying our ship at departure


  1. Great pictures...Wish I was there, but finally the sun is coming in Norway too, Now the spring is coming. :) Have a good day.

  2. obbyentusiast -
    I only spent a day in Oslo once on a cruise - beautiful place - but it was in July so no snow then!

  3. Oh my-- These are really good!!!
    Always so inviting your pics!
    Have a nice Sun DAY!

  4. 86 cruise, WOW!!!!!! They must be great times. May be you will come again to NZ.

    You may LOL when I say I love watching those Forensic shows, like all the special victims or LAPD. I love reading those books too. You must have a strong stomach too. Because my stomach wrench a little when I watch.

    I have never been to a cruise, my husband thinks he will be bored to death. My niece was once a Personal trainer on a cruise at the Mediterranean. My Dad went to England on a P & O ship.

    As as we were coming back from Rangitoto, I saw a P & O. may be you had been on that.

    My respect for a well season traveller. Thanks for visiting. I will go back to your older posts and read up to know you better.

    Cheers, and happy Easter.


  5. Ann -
    My last 78 cruises( in fifteen years ) have been with Royal Caribbean - I think they are a generally all around good line that caters to most ages and has pretty good fares. Though I am 65, I don't want to be on a ship with all seniors.

    I know, when I first started cruising, I was very active and, the thought of not having a port every day, caused me great anxiety. I guess, with age, I've begun to love the sea days. I have done two transatlantic crossings, with six days at sea, and there are so many things going on aboard ship, you could stay busy from morning till night. Being a sexual assault nurse examiner, doing adult and child cases, and covering call 24/7 for the city and county of San Francisco, I found it was the one time I didn't have a pager with me and could truly relax. The sea days started to be nicer and nicer.

    For both my 64 and 65th birthdays, I've been in Rome for a couple of days ( with friends ), then done Mediterranean cruises, ending up in Barcelona ( one of my favorite cities on earth ) where we stayed four days at the end.

    Now, with my job loss, retirement, and the drop in my income of $90,000 US/year, I'm afraid my travel days are numbered.

    If you go back on my blog, you'll see lots of photos of Europe, my travels, etc.

    I love all forensic things - books, t.v., films, conferences. It's been exciting, as a nurse, to be in on this specialty from the beginning!

  6. Beautiful pictures, I feel like I'm there! Makes me homesick for the Florida beaches... :)

  7. Beautiful scenery, Carmen!

    Happy Easter to you!

  8. Beautiful sceneries! I love that red house in the middle!!

  9. Oh boy, that looks like paradise! Thanks for sharing.

    And your header photo is breath-taking.

    Have a great week,

  10. My one trip to Key West was in the dark when we decided to drive out there just to be able to say that we had done it. Your pictures are much better! Hey, you were a top commenter at Congrats!

  11. I've been on one cruise, in 1987, when my wonderful Grandma Vivian treated me and my sister to the trip of a life time. We were on The Norway of Norwegian Cruise Lines and spent a week in the Caribbean. We stopped at St. Maarten, St. John, St. Thomas and Great Stirrup Cay. Just amazing. I'd love to cruise again sometime. Your photos are lovely, thanks for sharing.

  12. Beth (Margie and Edna's Basement)- are you from Florida originally. I lived in Tampa a zillion years ago but I was glad to move away. You know I am from GA, went away to nursing school in New Orleans at 17, moved to MA at 22 and ended up in CA at 25. Have been happiest here.

  13. Icy BC - the Key West area is nice. I enjoyed my one week stay there back in 1995, especially.

  14. Kirigalpoththa - Key West is a fun place to visit and I, too, really like the red Old Customs house. It certainly stands out from a ship's deck. You can certainly see why this area wouldn't do well in a hurricane, though!

  15. Joanna Jenkins - haven't seen you in awhile! Welcome. Yes, the Florida Keys are lovely..just a bit hot for me.

    You should check out the blog "Calligraphy in the Landscape"if you like my header. It is the work of Japanese photographer, Ruma2008 and his site is always a joy to visit. He has the most incredible pictures that fill your soul with happiness. I am blessed to have found my way, by accident, to his blog.

  16. Sharkbytes - you really missed a lot by not seeing Key West in the daytime or at sunset. I spent a week there once which might be a bit too long ( it's great if you're college age, though! ) - the nightly sunset parties at Mallory Square are something else.

    I love your blog and should be commenting more often.

  17. Tina - you were on one of the grand dames of ocean liner cruising as the Norway used to be the S. S. France. I never cruised on her, though. I've done about 15 Caribbean cruises but I more love cruises in other parts of the world - Asia, the Mediterranean, Australia - New Zealand,'s all joyful to me, just to be on a ship on an ocean.

  18. The scenery which you catch are really transparent.
    There seem to be them right in front of my eyes.

    Your photography is splendid surely!!

    I am honored in your having admired a lot of Japanese cherry blossoms.
    Please make use of them for you.
    Thank you very much!!

    From the Far East.
    Best regards.