Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Meaning of LIfe

From the time we make our debut,
And emit that wailing lusty cry,
Until our days on earth are over,
And we accept our fate and die,

Whether we manage to be happy,
Or our time is filled with strife,
It seems we all are searching,
For the elusive meaning of life.

There don’t seem to be directions,
Or a book to point the way,
Some of us will seek it,
When we turn to God and pray.

Others will look elsewhere,
In dark depths and lose their souls,
Some may battle every day,
And try to reach their goals.

As we take our dying breath,
Will we have our answer then?
If we didn’t find life’s meaning,
We won’t go around again!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2010 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved


  1. "wailing lusty cry"

    I like this a lot....

    It is only from a brilliant brain that can come the thought of a newborn's cry being "lusty" as a newborn baby is always compared to "innocence" and nothing close to lustful.

    But then...I would like to think that... we are born with these passions and lusts to live and love and laugh buried deep within our souls!!!!

  2. Fantastic poem, Carmen..I'm still looking for the answer, not quite find it yet.

  3. Oh that's lovely. I don't claim to know the meaning of life, but I find I'm closest to it when I live in gratitude daily.

  4. Carmen, this about where my head is at lately. I do believe we had better figure it out earlier than that last moment, or at least accept it into the fabric of us, or it would seem all for naught or close to it.

    Good thoughts to start this Sunday.


  5. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Makes one have lesser fear
    to remain, to be, to stay
    in life, here.

    A wonderful start into the new week for you.

  6. c - not sure my brain is brilliant - but, having worked both in the delivery room and, in the OR, doing C-sections, sometimes those newborns do let out pretty lusty wails at their arrival - or, perhaps, it just seems so to us, so anxiously awaiting their birth and wanting them to be hale and hearty!

  7. Icy BC - my friend, perhaps when we find the answer to the meaning of life, it is at life's end - so best that the search continues!

  8. Tina - I think it is so good to feel gratitude as you do, regardless of the curves life sometimes throws - at least we are still living!

  9. Woman in a Window - it seems to be an ongoing search for me but, at 65, I'm not sure I'm getting any closer to finding out the meaning. I'm more focused on enjoying my final years and suceeding in accomplishing a few things I couldn't until my forced retirement...of course, I miss the darn money, that's for sure!

  10. ρομπερτ - I drove two hours today, back from Sacramento, in a torrential downpour, so bad, at times, I just pulled off the freeway. Felt like I was in a monsoon! But had a lovely time at the bridal shower of my beautiful daughter-in-law to be, then stayed last night with them. My oldest son came up and we all went for Indian food. Shawn is going to miss the wedding but it seems now he may not be going to Afghanistan but to Germany ( can't remember the town ) for 120 days - that I can be happy about. He was there last year for his two weeks active duty and really enjoyed it.

  11. really fantastic poem Carmen, stirs the mind and emotions.

  12. How true Carmen. At times I have been convinced that I understood the meaning of life, but it is so elusive. At the moment I am back to being unsure. But I guess it's a journey that never ends until the end!

  13. charles n dang1:31 AM

    Amazing and very ingenuous composition Ms Carmen.... it's really one of the biggest question everyone ask and tries to find the answer to... hope to read more of your lovely poems....

  14. wonderful verse...we can get so busy looking for the meaning that we miss the life...

  15. Bits-n-Pieces - glad you found the time to read
    "The Meaning of Life" and liked it!

  16. betchai - I wonder if I'll ever figure out the meaning of life, even to my dying breath!!

  17. Retiredandcrazy - I suppose it's supposed to be that way - we are kept seeking life's meaning so we don't lose interest.

    Are you missing Switzerland now and your nice vacation time or is it good to be back home?

  18. charles n dang - oh, dearest charlie, did you and chanda sign up to follow my blog? How wonderful to see you here, commenting. It just made my day, you know, though, sometimes, it takes me awhile to get back to responding!

  19. Brian Miller - you made me laugh! If we don't enjoy living it, searching for the meaning of life is kind of a waste, isn't it!!!