Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Flash 55 - The Rose of Love - May 20, 2011

Her eyes were full of tears today,
Fifty years ago he'd passed away,
But her love continued eternally true,
For none but Billy would ever do.

The rose they planted together,
Each spring,continued to bloom,
In front of their tiny cottage,
Fifty years of fragrant perfume.

A scent surely scattered on loving angel wings!

I am taking part in that devlish Mr. G's Friday Flash 55 - you must
check out the site or you will miss something truly interesting!!  As your own 55!


  1. oh, what a beautiful poem of dedicated love Carmen, and that rose shot is so beautiful.

  2. That's a very respectable age for a rose bush, and a relationship.

  3. smiles. an endearing tale...a love so true as to last that long in his absence...

  4. Carmen Electra...
    Your Floral photography is outstanding!
    I really liked your 55 as well.
    Is it a true story?
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Very touching. My mother raised roses, so whenever I am around their beauty and fragrance, I think of her.

  6. this is divine,
    her love for him,
    lucky lady of her.

    beautiful 55.

  7. This is truly touching lines.
    Beautifully captured.

  8. betchai -
    So glad you liked my poem and rose! It's always a pleasure to have you visit.

    hedgewitch -
    I wonder if rose bushes really last fifty years and I suspect few relationships survive that long.

    Brian Miller -
    Ah, to be in that special a relationship. I've not been so lucky as to have one endure for ten years!!

    G-Man -
    Sadly, my tale is only fiction. I know very few relationships that last a half century, even if the participants are living!

    Monkey Man -
    I don't do well with flowers, in general, but I'm really bad with roses. I love them, though, in all their many colors, varieties - and the fragrances are wonderful!

    Jingle -
    It would be lovely to have a fifty year relationship! I haven't been very lucky in love.

  9. Indrani -
    I am always honored by your visit and so happy you like my poetry.

  10. The 55 implies the writer had lived in the same place for 50 years! In these days. that alone would be quite a record! LOL

  11. Wow! a wonderful treat coming here --- I was given a long stem deep pink rose tonight,,,, my parents were married for fifty years when my dad passed on... she loved him till she passed on...

    I love - love stories/poems.


  12. Carmen, what I love about your writing style, is that you manage to convince the reader that you are writing about yourself! Like the first poem I read when I first visited you, was about a married woman, eternal love, etc, and I thought it was YOU, turns out, you're "happily divorced" .. haha! This poem has done the same thing for me.... is this you you're talking about... or will I never know..???

  13. Such a heart-warming poem about forever love, Carmen, and the rose photo is stunning!

  14. Moving and endearing...some much love over so many years is hard to find....I feel unrequited or lost love is remembered this way more than marital love.

  15. Ah, love and roses are never far apart. I do hope you are doing o.k. I had to catch up with a few posts, btw, and can't help worrying about your move, your finances and all those other things that can come up and disturb our lives. Good to see you.

  16. This is a lovely, sad poem, Carmen. My mother has roses that have bloomed for almost 60 years in her garden. It is amazing how long lasting they can be.

  17. Beautiful, romantic! I loved it! :)

  18. Cad -
    You're right. When I was younger, I moved a lot. Even after I finished nursing school in new Orleans, I lived in Georgia, Massachusetts, and Florida before settling in California!

    joanny -
    It's so nice to hear of a marriage that lasts 50 years. It must have been so hard for your mom after your dad died. I have met a few such couples and it always gives me a good feeling.

    C. JoyBell C. -
    I never did well with marriage - though I have alway remained friends with the father of my oldest son - and I was so happy when he finally remarried. I love my son's "other mother." We all did a cruise together once! I've been married more than once but not in the last 15 years now and I'm happier!

    Icy BC -
    Though I never had a forever love myself, I do believe i exists for some lucky folks!

    Rek -
    I agree with you. It's a very rare person who experiences this kind of love. I am content with the love of good friends but that kind of romantic love, that endured forever, passed me by.

    rosaria -
    Things are stagnant with me right now. I haven't moved yet. I'm such a pauper, I can't even do that. And I've been miserably slow about packing boxes. I made a resolution to do at least one box a day starting Monday!!! I think I'm going to rent a room from a friend for a couple of months, beginning in July, to save a little money, and put my things in storage. I'm still trying to go to India for six months, beginning in October...if I can get a frequent flyer seat.

    Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti -
    I was wonderin if roses really lasted that long, Pat. I'm glad you liked my poem.

    Leo -
    I am so happy you liked my verse. I need to be writing more poetry. I seem to have slacked off a bit. I'd like to get a second book published.