Saturday, May 07, 2011

Camera Critters #161 - Butterflies - May 7, 2011

Sorry, I don't have a clue what type of buttterflies these are...and it's too late at night to
do any research.  I took these photos so many years ago in Georgia at Callaway Gardens.
I wish I could have captured more of the brilliantly colored ones. 

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  1. Super excellent array of beauties!!!

    Pelicans, poop, pictures, potty training and puns

    That is my link for today. Hope you have a great weekend, and if you celebrated mother's day...enjoy!!!

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I don't need to know their names.. it is enough to enjoy their quiet beauty.

  3. I think the middle photo is my favourite although I like them all. The angle of the wings against the leaf coupled with the colours make a really great shot.

  4. Beautiful butterflies and photos. The first one looks like a buckeye. But, I am not an expert on butterflies.

  5. Gorgeous captures.

    My Critter post, please come and see.

  6. I love these photos ... there is a place just outside St. Louis called "Butterfly House' ~ it is full of magic and thousands and thousands of butterflies. A photographer's dream.

  7. I love these. I always think of butterflies as the flowers of the animal kingdom.

  8. Beautiful design patterns on them.

  9. Those are beautiful! We sure don't have the last two in the north. The first one might be some kind of satyr.

  10. Those are pretty awesome. I see so many monarchs that I love anything else ;)

  11. HOOTIN' ANNI -
    I came to West Sacramento to celebrate Mother's Day with Alex, my middle son, and my beautiful DIL, Laura. Their one year wedding anniversary was on the 7th - so it's been an extra special weekend for me!

    ladyfi -
    The only butterfly I know is the Monarch since it is so plentiful in our area!

    Mitr Friend - Bhushavali -
    Thanks for stopping by to see me. These butterfly shots were so easy since they were taken at a butterfly sanctuary, all enclosed - didn't have to do too much chasing after them!

    Becca -
    Glad you enjoyed these butterfly shots. I do love Monarchs, though!

    Welchcakes Limoncello -
    I am always a little learly of caterpillars and the like until I remember that many turn into such glorious flying butterflies!

    Dave -
    It always amazes me how perfect the patterns are on butterfly wings. Such masterpieces of nature.

    eileeninmd -
    I think you know more about butterflies than I do. I actually bought a book about butterflies the day we visited that butterfly sanctuary but I haven't a clue where it is - somewhere in one of my many bookcases!

    chubskulit -
    I'm happy you enjoyed my lovely butterflies.

    Helen -
    Your "Butterfly House" must be like this place I visited at Calloway Gardens. It's nice for those of us who would never get to see so many beautiful butterfly colllections.

    Ratty -
    Your desciption of butterflies as "the flowers of the animal kingdom" is a perfect way of describing them!

    Rajesh -
    I agree with you - the designs are amazing, sort of like patterns on zebras!

    Sharkbytes (TM) -
    This butterfly haven was in Georgia but I think they probably had butterflies from all over. I would love to visit now that I am so much more interested in that kind of thing.

  12. It's so vibrant! beautiful!