Saturday, May 21, 2011

Camera Critters #163 - Wings of Blue - May 21, 2011

I saw this pretty little bluejay ( at least, I think it's a bluejay but I am not a bird
expert ) a couple of weeks ago at the home of my son's mom-in-law!  He was so
cooperative with the photo session.

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  1. Well, if this is the day everything ENDS, your colorful critters made it a good one.

  2. Yes I think this is blue jay. Great shot!


  3. Wonderful captures! It's not often birds will hang around for a photoshoot :)

  4. This is really skillful! I'm not able to do this with the camera, not in my best dreams lol! It's such a beautiful bird.

  5. He is a beauty, Carmen and he was posing for you. What a special treat.

  6. Very pretty! So glad he cooperated with you, must be a vain birdie :)

  7. Yep, that's a Blue Jay. Ours are LOUD and you can hear their "hee haw" calls from a long way off.

  8. He is stunning! Great photos :)

  9. Lovely critter, I love that blue in him!

    Shadow shots on a relaxing walk, have a great weekend!

  10. wow, love your new header picture Carmen, so aswesome, but of course, love the blue jay shots too. hope you are having a good weekend Carmen.

  11. Helen -
    Well, it's almost 10:30PM here in the San Francisco area and we're still here! Looks like we're going to make it for another day!

    Kim, USA -
    That little bird was so cooperative, he didn't seem to be in any hurry to leave!

    Nikki-ann -
    I'm glad that little bluejay let me get those three shots. From where I was sitting, I couldn't even see how blue he was.

    Josep -
    I have every confidence that, with a little practice, you could be photographing those Catalan birds for us!!

    Poetic Shutterbug -
    That little bluejay was all by himself in Alex's mother-in-law's back yard while we were focused on the new pooch. I'm surprised I get such good shots with the telephoto.

    Iowa Gardening Woman -
    I was in such a hurry, I was afraid he was going to take off but I really could have taken my time. He stayed for quite awhile.

    Chip "Rocket Man" Allen -
    While this bluejay wasn't making any sounds at all, I seem to remember the ones from my youth back in Georgia, were very noisy!!

    Becca -
    I'm so glad you like my photos. He was a very cooperative bluejay!

    chubskulit -
    That was such a nice bluejay. I've never gotten such a great picture of one!

    betchai -
    I took that photo last year when Jo took me to the Botannical Garden. I love it, too! As for the bluejay, he was such a nice bird, posing so well for the camera. Usually,I only manage a blue when I am photographing birds!

    I've been so lazy this weekend. Should be working on my packing but I've been watching Netflix movies nonstop! Shame on me!

  12. She is a beauty, great shots.

  13. Beautiful bird and so colorful. Love the blues.

  14. I'm SO DARNED JEALOUS!!! We don't have blue jays this far south in Texas. I'd so love to have them at our feeders!! Beautiful.

    Sorry, I'm so late getting around...I know you visited with me earlier this week at my Camera Critters blog...much appreciated.

    Hope your week has treated you well!!!

    My Sunday Post...'ribbit'!!

  15. The ever lovely Blue Jay.

  16. That's a smart little bird. Excellent clicks.

  17. That would be a California bluebird. Bluejays have tufts on their heads like Cardinals.

  18. great photos of mr. bluejay.....

  19. Squirrel Queen -
    It's always nice when the birds you are photographing are cooperative!

    eileeninmd -
    That bird was really small. Maybe he was a youngster. Pretty tame around us, though.

    secret agent woman says my bird is a California blue bird and not a jay because it doesn't have a tuft. I need to get a bird book, I guess!

    KB -
    It's always nice when the pictures turn out well!!!

    Tami Weingartner -
    I've been told it's a blue bird and not a blue jay...either way, I love the coloring.

    Shiju Sugunan -
    That little bird did not seem very timid, Shiju. He was pretty content to remain in the back yard with us and the new dog at my son's mother-in-law's house.

    secret agent woman -
    I guess I'm not very good at bird identification.

    beth -
    I'm glad I had a cooperative creature. He did not seem in any hurry to take off!

  20. That's really pretty, I love birds, I am actually thinking of having a tattoo of a bird done on my wrist ! A tiny little bird tattoo! :) A bird that's blue! :) What do you think??

  21. He, or maybe she, is such a beautiful blue! I've never had much success trying to photograph birds.