Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Alphabe Thursday - "D" Is For Dogs - May 12, 2011

For my "D" post this week, I decided to use a poem about dogs that I wrote a few years
ago.  I love dogs  but have not been able to have one of my own in the past 23 years
because I've been a renter.  The first thing my son, Alex, did, after he and Laura bought
their home two years ago, was go to Yolo County shelter, and get a dog.  Two months
later, they went and got a second dog to keep Taffy company.  I've been so happy to
have granddogs and I am always so thrilled that, though I may not see them for a couple
of months at a time, they always seem overjoyed to see me when I visit. 

Taffy, granddog 1

Bucky, granddog 2


Dogs come in every shape and size,
With coats both straight and curly,
Some breeds seem warm and friendly,
Others appear aloof and surly.

Dogs can be the working type,
Herding sheep or finding prey,
Others guard your hearth and home,
And some just like to play.

Often called "man's best friend,"
Dogs can fill the lonely times,
And, by their very presence,
They inhibit many crimes.

Dogs are loyal to their masters,
And love the children in their lives,
They become part of the household,
Where every member thrives.

When those warm eyes look up at you,
And the wag begins to start,
You realize this dog before you,
Is the holder of your heart!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2007 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved.

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  1. It's the eyes that always get to me!

  2. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Fantastic poem about dogs, Carmen. Hope you're doing well..

  3. So beautiful are their eyes!! Loved this post. Of course I'm a pet lover. They tend to truly become a part of the family.

    Hi's Thursday, and I'm trying to catch up on yesterday's comments left for me. I just wanted to say thank you in a big way for your sweet anniversary comment and your happy wishes. I also made a small token graphic for my appreciation...on the top portion of my blog entry for the day!!

    My Thursday Theme Song Link

  4. Very nice poeme, and cute dogs !

  5. Your grand dogs are very cute.

    And I like the poem, too!


  6. Such a sweet doggy poem ... our Sammy is so much better, stitches are out and he has perked up considerably.

  7. Nice poem... I have a little dog at home named Shirokurorinsuju... we call him just

  8. At last.... Blogger is allowing me to comment! Has been off all day!
    Lovely doggy poem but I think rabbits are pretty good companions too!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. Carmen, the mother of my very first puppy, Gumdrop, was named Taffy! I adore my granddogs, and they love me, too! We have two dogs, Mulligan, and Little Liz. They are our beloved dog-children who sleep with us at night, and play with us during the day.
    This is a terrific Dog Post, Carmen!

  10. I do like most dogs, but I'm unfortunately allergic.

  11. awesome one.

    check out short story slam and make a submission today.

  12. I like your granddoggies, and your very cute poem!

  13. I love wonderful stories like this of rescue dogs being given a second chance. I'm sorry you can't have a pet in your rental. And somehow, fish aren't usually too great at companionship!

    Thanks for a delightful link this week, Miss Carmen.

    I'm sorry you also lost your comments!