Saturday, May 14, 2011

Camera Critters #162 - A New Dog at the Calhoun Homestead - May 14, 2011

Last weekend, I was up in West Sacramento to visit my middle son, Alex, and his
lovely wife, Laura.  Recently, Laura's folks had to put the family dog, Gus, to sleep
( age 14 ), after a long bout with cancer.  They went out on Friday, the 6th, to the
local shelter and came home with a new dog, about three years old, to become the
new recipient of their love.  Laura had to work on Mother's Day but Alex and I drove
over to their home to meet Kenzy.

Kenzy, according to the folks at the shelter, was a blend of boxer, pit bull, and another
breed, which I can't recall.  Roger and Christine thought she might have been abused by
a male because she seemed very anxious around men, shaking, when Roger and Alex
were close by.  She did let me pet her but she stayed right beside Christine the entire time.  

It took awhile but, before long, Alex had her totally relaxed while he scratched her,
played with her ears and floppy lips.  We all loved her coloring and thought that she
could have passed for a tiger in the jungle!

Kenzy seemed much more comfortable and secure when she was on the leash and she
quickly learned that Alex was a friend!

After all the attention from Alex, Kenzy didn't want him to leave!!

Of course, once we got back to Alex's house, my granddogs, Taffy and Bucky were
waiting for us.  They immediately knew we'd been around another dog and they hadn't
been invited along ( we thought it would be too much for Kenzy as she was getting
used to her new home ).   They were sniffing away and Taffy looked like I had
betrayed her.

What's the matter, Grandma, don't you love me anymore?

Bucky won't even look at me!!

Oh, don't you two granddogs know that you're my two favorites in the world!!

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  1. These canine photos are wonderful; but, then again, canines themselves are wonderful. We have always owned rescue dogs and have never been sorry.

  2. Beautiful dogs!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. All three dogs are absolutely gorgeous! I'm a dog addict, and I truly respect anyone who chooses to rescue a dog. Sweet Kenzie will now get the love and companionship she deserves!

  4. Oh dear, sounds like there's some doggy jealousy going on there! I hope your grand dogs get over it soon. :)

  5. Fine looking dog.
    We aren't allowed to keep pit bulls over here but I guess that one is watered right down through cross breeding!
    Lucky dog!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. Wonderful and cute.

  7. Hi Carmen, thanks for stopping by. Your grand puppys are so cute. I can't believe all your travels on a ship. That sounds exiting. Cheers

  8. Hi Carmen, Your four-legged grand children are adorable. Kenzy looks like a sweetheart who's found a great home.
    Enjoy! jj

  9. Yes, u r right, Kenzie could pass easily for a tiger, that too if one sees the pic where you've focused her hind!

    TQ for commenting on my blog:)

  10. The new dog looks beautiful, and I think she'll figure out that she's loved.

  11. Kenzy is a brindle beauty! She looks a lot like my elder son's dog. So glad she's found a good home!

  12. Gorgeous critter shots!

    Please come and say hi to Wubzy, have a nice weekend!

  13. she is a beautiful dog Carmen, glad for her she found a family who can shower her with love.

  14. They are good and sincere friends of us.

  15. Hi Carmen! How wonderful! You have been posting something almost every single day, since before I left! :) You've been very busy, I can see! :) I'm happy that you're obviously feeling better! :) Take care! :)

  16. What a lovely story! I had to laugh at your dogs and their reaction to your "betrayal"! Aren't they hilarious? My pooch does the same thing if we eat at a cafe and come back and she smells the food on us. I feel I need to clean my teeth before I go home :-)

    How wonderful that the family chose a rescue dog and gave him a chance to have a good life. Our dog used to be terrified of men as well. We don't know why, but suspect that her previous owner (an elderly lady) never took her out and she'd never met one. She also wasn't good with other dogs, being both afraid and unsure of what to do. She was two when she came to our family and with time, patience and a lot of love, she's now a happy dog who loves to socialise and positively swoons over certain of our male friends. So it is possible to change them and for them to come into their own.

  17. Kenzy's markings look like tiger indeed! Such adorable pets you're around with..

  18. Kate -
    My son's two rescue dogs were my first experience
    with these and I just love them. I don't know that I will ever have a dog but that is where I would go to get one, for sure!

    Gary -
    I certainly agree with you. Kenzy, Taffy and Bucky are lovely and they all three have wonderful personalities.

    Misty Dawn -
    Even though I can't have a dog, I enjoy looking at the shelter websites and dreaming which one I would choose if I could do so. There are so many wonderful choices.

    EGWow -
    It's so funny, Taffy and Bucky just loved Gus, Christine and Roger's other dog and they always went over when Alex and Laura visited her mom and Gus often came and stayed at their house...I think it was just that they were left behind this visit.

    Maggie May -
    I was so upset when Alex and Lauri said they were getting a pit bull. I sent so many newspaper articles about the breed and they set articles refuting my concerns. Alex went to talk to the vet who said that,as a breed they were fine, they are taught to be mean and to fight. All I know is that they seem to be the choice of gang members here! At any rate, both Taffy and Bucky are gentle sweet dogs.

  19. Rajesh -
    I do adore my granddogs!

    Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea -
    I really do miss my cruising days. It's a good thing I'm only three miles from the Pacific - at least I can see the ocean even if I can no longer afford to sail on it.

    Joanna Jenkins -
    I wish I got to see those granddogs more often. I think being in their company helps reduce my blood pressure more than any of my medications!

    Sharkbytes -
    Kenzy is really adored, there's no doubt about it. They had just had him about 24 hours when we saw her and, in just a couple of hours with her, Alex was able to cuddle and play with her.

    VaishVijay -
    Kenzy is a lovely canine tiger!!! I love that brindle color on dogs.

    Vicki Lane -
    I love dogs and think they are wonderful companions. Once I really settle down for good, maybe it's time to get one for myself.

  20. chubskulit -
    Wuzby, the bunny, is a delight...and I'm glad you liked my doggies!

    betchai -
    My DIL's mom couldn't last very long without a dog in her household. I'm so glad they found one so quickly - though Kenzy was at all what they initially had thought they'd pick - she ended up being quite a bit larger - but she stole their hearts.

    rainfield61 -
    I've always been a pushover for dogs! Just let them wag their tales and I've got to stop and give them a pat.

    C. JoyBell C. -
    Except for the darn arthritis in my shoulders, I could almost get out and dance a jig - or a tango - or some other sexy number!!!

    Marie -
    If only we knew the stories of what some of these poor rescue dogs have gone through. I can never understand how poeple can abuse animals but, then, I worked as a forensic nurse for 21 years in the field of adult rape and child sexual abuse and the stories in that arena are even more horrible. Someday, I feel, people who have inflicted this kind of pain, will be repaid in kind.

  21. Kenzy is just precious. I recently adopted a dog from a shelter who we suspect wasn't treated just have to have extra patience with them!

  22. Becca -
    I think you're right...all it takes is love and patience and you can overcome ill treatment some dogs have experienced at the hands of less than desirable owners!