Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sundays in My City - San Francisco Houses Along Noe Valley's Church Street, May 29, 2011

Church Street is one of my favorites in the city.  It is in Noe Valley and is a street
of residences and nice little restaurants and that area is one of the sunniest and
least foggy in San Francisco.  For that reason, property values are hgher.  I always
have my camera with me there but it isn't a divided street and there is seldom
anywhere to park to take pictures.  Sometimes, if traffic is light, I just put on my
hazard lights, roll down the windows and grab a few shots!

I am participating in Unknown Mami's Sundays In My City - check out
the site and join in the fun!


  1. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities and the houses are just one of many things I love there!

  2. love your drive-by photos!

  3. love these painted ladies! Especially the one that has the faux foliage painted directly on it! wowee.

  4. I love all this beautiful architectural embellishments. The mural in the second photo is amazing.

  5. indeed, for non-locals, it is hard for them to imagine that one place can be foggy while just a few steps can be sunny. lovely pictures Carmen.

  6. Beautiful! The entire city is vibrant, interesting, a street away from everything, immensely walkable. I wouldn't mind living there if it were not so expensive. Hope you've found a new place to move to and are looking forward to a new beginning. Moving is never fun; but, it is a new beginning. And that, is everything.
    Love and adventures to you.

  7. Really fancy decorations on a couple of those!

  8. Beautiful! Great captures! I love these old houses. And I LOVE the pic in your header!!!!!!

  9. I recognize those homes! I love that street too. I'm also fond of Noe and Dolores.

  10. The facades are beautiful. Very nice scenes from your city. Glad to view these.

  11. How interesting to have a mural painted right on the wall.

  12. Anonymous3:39 AM

    What beautiful homes. It looks like a great place to live or visit.

  13. I love candy colored architecture! And all the ornate loveliness. This was a superb little walking tour...and...I didn't even have to put my shoes on!

    Hope your Memorial day weekend is lovely.

  14. So glad you risked life and limb to share these pictures with us!!! I'm expecting to see Bob Saget and kids running out the front door of ONE of these!

  15. I always loved driving the streets of SF-- That second house paint job is interesting.

    Hope all's well with you, Carmen, Cheers, jj

  16. When I think of the maintenance required for those paint jobs whew!

  17. Eternal Lizdom -
    I fell in love with San Francisco when I first visited at eighteen - I knew I wanted to live here and, finally, at 33, I was here. I still love it, 33 years later!

    Joanna Jenkins -
    So good to see you, Joanna. Wish you'd come up and visit. I'm still packing, but don't yet know where I'll move!

    Keetha Broyles -
    You're funny. I often pass right by those house from Full House. They're over close to the hospital where I go to physical therapy. The Victorians around there are incredible.

    Jenny -
    I've missed a few Thursday Alphabes - I have had so much trouble with both my computer and Blogger lately. My desktop died, beyond repair, a few months ago, now my laptop is malfunctioning, partly because it can't handle all that I downloaded from Carbonite or my files would have been lost. I really need to buy a new laptop but, until I get a new place to live, can't consider it!

    urban muser -
    I am so glad you enjoyed my photos. I am constantly taking pictures of houses in San Francisco. I don't think I'll ever run out of beautiful photo ops!

    Kathe W. -
    I have never seen a house with trees and foliage painted on it. I guess it's easy gardening that way. You don't have to worry about watering and fertilizing!! There are a lot of murals, however, depicting scenes and cultural things.

    Tara R. -
    The Victorians, especially, have all sorts of
    "gingerbread" decorations. That can be a problem, though,in an earthquake. I love the way they are painted - though I'd never seen a house with trees painted right on!

    betchai -
    What amazes me is that one section of the Golden Gate bridge can be in fog and another section can be bathed in sunshine. It makes for some wonderful photography!

    rosaria -
    I am in limbo. But I am trying to pack a couple of boxes a day. I still have three physical therapy appointments left ( three weeks ) and I
    am very happy that I have gotten much more range of motion in both shoulders. I am still hoping to go to India after my 67th birthday in October but I think, after my 6 month stay there, I am going to have to have total shoulder replacement surgery. The pain is just so bad!

  18. Sharkbytes (TM) -
    There are some incredible artists in this city. You should see the murals on buildings in the Mission District, mostly with historic themes of the arrival of the Spanish missionaries, etc.

    sheila -
    I was so happy with my header photo, too. I took it but didn't realize how lucky I was with the bee in the shot until I downloaded it to my computer. Half the time, I don't really get them!

    Unknown Mami -
    I like those streets, too - and all the streets that cross Dolores also have some pretty great houses.

    Indrani -
    With all your traveling, I would so love to have you visit here!!

    Amy -
    That was a pretty good artist who did the mural on that house! We have some really good folks who do that street art in this city.

    myrelish -
    I have loved my 33 years of living in this area. It is such a wonderful, culturally diverse city and, as you can see, we have such beautiful architecture!