Monday, May 09, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #120, Yellow Rose Pair, May 9, 2011

Yellow roses are my favorite of all flowers.  I took these photos from my car while
driving in a San Francisco neighborhood.  I love to see them in vases with purple and
yellow Japanese irises.

I am participating in that colorful meme, Mellow Yellow Monday!
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  1. Same here I love yellow roses make me feel beautiful too ^_^


  2. beautiful yellow roses Carmen, I can see why they are your favorite flowers. yellow is such a happy color, and roses, they are one of the most beautiful and loveliest flowers. Their curls and shapes somehow define a lot of character to me.

  3. Kim, USA -
    I've been visiting my middle son and his wife in West Sacramento since Saturday and we've been driving around the area which is so much warmer than my area of Daly City. I've been growing crazy at seeing so many incredible displays of roses - huge masses of bushes - regular ones, rambling roses, tree roses, every color you can imagine.

    betchai -
    I am driving Alex, my middle son, crazy as I want to stop every block we pass to take rose pictures. It's amazing here in the Sacramento area. They seem to grow wild! It is so foggy all the time where I live, roses don't do well!

  4. i LOVE LOVE LOVE yellow flowers...beautiful..
    i finally came out of my blogging slump....don't know what that was about...happy to see you today, my friend

    my brother went to school at mcgeorge and i have relatives in nevada city...

    happy to visit with you today
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  5. Bright and sunny like your personality!

    Belated Happy Mother's day carmen!

  6. I don't like roses very much. But I make an exception for yellow ones!

  7. Gorgeous!

    Mind dropping by at my mellow yellow post? Have a nice week ahead.

  8. I agree yellow flowers are always been my favorite, great shot

  9. Gorgeous yellow roses, Carmen! Stay well..

  10. I do love roses, most especially the old types and if they have a scent, so much the better.

  11. My Farmhouse Kitchen -
    Don't we all get into a blogging slump from time to time? I'm sure you were busy with the spring planting, etc, and playing with Teddy!!!

    Ayie -
    It's so great to see you. It's been awhile. What have you been doing with yourself???

    Sharkbytes -
    I always thought roses were a bit of trouble to grow but, honestly, this weekend in Sacramento, they seemed to be growing in profusion everywhere....massive displays of color everywhere and they were so gorgeous.

    chubskulit -
    Thanks for your faithful visits to my blog!

    {Liz} -
    I was in Saramento this weekend, visiting my middle son...I went crazy with all the roses blooming everywhere. I've never seen such masses of color.

    Icy BC -
    I've been doing pretty well lately, except for my darn arthriti in my shoulders and knees. Have been to PT twice's helping a little with range of motion but, in reality, there's not whole lot of improvement they can promise.

    Sheila @ A Postcard a Day -
    It's funny, isn't it, some of the most beautiful roses don't even have a scent! I love the fragant ones.