Thursday, May 05, 2011

Alphabe Thursday - "C" is For Crab - May 5, 2011

There are quite a few crustaceans,
Swimming in the sea,
But, when it comes to tasty eating,
Crabs rank number one with me.

They may look a little scary,
With claws that try to pinch,
But when I want some gumbo,
They don't even make me flinch!

I really like the blue crab,
It's meat is great to eat,
 I like it best at soft shell time,
When it really is a treat!

Dungeness crabs are larger,
With claws that are divine,
With San Francisco sourdough,
And a nice California wine!

The king crab from Alaska,
Makes me stop and pause,
Whenever I think of butter,
And his scrumptious tasting claws!

I hope I do not meet a crab,
When on an ocean swim,
If something like this joined me,
I know I'd feel quite grim!

So, if I have my druthers,
I think that I will wait,
And have my introductions,
When this creature's on my plate!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) Carmen Henesy

May 5, 2011

I am participating in Jenny Matlock's Alphabe Thursday!
Check out the site and join in the fun!


  1. Okay, now you've got me hungry!


    PS. Cute verse!

  2. What a creatively clever poem! Did you create this one just for the Alphabe-Thursday meme?

    Your newest follower,
    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

    Read today's posts ...
    C is for…Alphabe-Thursday

  3. I would want to wait to have them served in wonderful Maryland crab cakes.

  4. Very clever C post!
    Catherine :)

  5. Fresh crab is soooo delicious! When I was little and we vacationed on the Georgia coast, we would go crabbing almost every day. Cleaning and picking out the meat from the body is tough duty, but it is definitely worth the work!!!

  6. YUM! I'll join you if you don't mind.

  7. What a nifty poem. I could go for some crab salad now. lol

  8. We need to go and have a crab feast one of these days. Though they are so expensive again.

  9. Sueberry -
    Glad you enjoyed my poem. I'm in the mood for crab, too!

    La -
    I haven't had crab very often this year. Even with the Dungeness which is prevalent in my area, it's still a lot of work to crack them and get the meat!!!

    Sue -
    I had fun writing this poem. Food is always an inspiration to me.

    Cathy Kennedy -
    I did write this poem exactly for Alphabe Thursday! Many of my works have been created just for that purpose!

    JDaniel4's Mom -
    Crab cakes are wonderful - especially if someone else has gotten all the crab meat for them!

    Catherine Love -
    I always have fun coming up with these poems.

    Judie -
    Those Gulf coaast and Chesapeake blue crabs are an awful lot of work...but our large Dungeness crabs are much easier to get meat from.

    La -
    Come on along - we'll find one of those restaurants that does a big crab feed!!!

  10. well, I have never tried a real crab-which I can only regret. So far only meat from cans-probably nothing to do with real ones:)

  11. Anonymous3:47 AM

    Carmen, this poem should be post at all the seafood places. It's as delicious as those crabs..

  12. What a fun, mouth-watering post :)
    The last time I ate crab was in Singapore last year..
    Your pictures are divine.. poor ol' things... what would they make of your poem I wonder? ;)

  13. I don't think I've ever tasted crab! Maybe I have left it a bit late!
    Good little verse.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  14. mmmm, I'm going to have to have some crab soon now, love your verse

  15. Your work is embraced in your gentleness.

    Have a good weekend...

    For all peace.
    From Saga, Japan.

  16. Oh Yum!! A girl after my own heart -- I could eat crabs legs for dinner every night! Too bad I don't live on the coast. :)

  17. I love King crab legs. With butter of course!~Ames

  18. i was scrolling on you posts down and i can't help but laugh, your posts are good and humorous! haha. really cute. and oh btw i saw your profile and you're a forensic nurse? really? wow, i've never met a forensic in my entire life until today. are you the ones who check on corpses i mean body of people killed and then you coordinate with the police? like NCI? wow, i think that's the most interesting job of all (except parenthood) :)

    p.s. i wish i could eat seafoods so i can say "wow yummy!" But i cant :)

    have a great day!

  19. Love your poem and the photos of the different crabs have me drooling...we have made a number of trips to Alaska and always include meals with King Crab legs...we are even fans of Deadliest Catch!

  20. My favorite is boiled blue crabs in Old Bay seasoning.

  21. This food looks delicious!!

  22. Book -
    I've had each of these types of crab and I can say it's all VERY tasty!

    secret agent woman -
    Those blue crabs cooked in Old Bay seasoning are so delicious but one heck of a lot of work to get a meal!!

    taylorsouthback -
    Glad you enjoyed my "crabby" poem. There's a place near the cruise port in Ft. Lauderdale, FL that boasts "all you can eat Alaska crab legs" at such a reasonable price on Friday nights. I always love to do a Saturday cruise out of there for just that reason!

    cherrylej -
    I was a forensic nurse with the city and county of San Francisco for 21 years. My area of expertise was in the field of adult sexual assault and child sexual abuse. Others work in death investigation, with medical examiners offices, some are legal nurse consultants, etc. There are many different areas of specialization. If you do a search on my blog, I've done a couple of posts on the topic, including a poem titled, "The Forensic Nurse".

    Ames -
    I think of the things I like most about king crab legs is that you get the most for the least amount of work!

    Jessica B -
    I, too, could eat crab at almost every meal. Not long ago, I discovered fresh shelled crab meat at Costco which was well worth the price. It's perfect for us in quiches, crab salads and the like and you don't spend hours shelling the darn crab!

    ruma -
    As always, it is a pleasure to see you here. That one photo at the end was taken at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo on my firt visit to Japan. We got up and went about 4:30AM. I understand that they no longer allow tourists to visit!

    Man's World -
    I'm delighted you enjoyed my crab poetry! I hope you enjoyed a crab dinner even more!

    Maggie May -
    Crab is scrumptious - you must try it! Better late than never.

    Shaista -
    Isn't Singapore wonderful - though it's a bit too warm for my liking. I loved those wonderful hawker's centres where you could eat outside and feast on every ethnic type of food and wonderful seafood.

    Icy BC -
    You're too funny. I will try to remember to print out my crab poem to take to a couple of my favorite seafood dining spots to see how they like it!

    Self Sagacity -
    I keep telling myself I have to go over to Half Moon Bay to buy crabs right off the boat from the fisherman. I bet they are really the best that way!! We must get together one of these days soon, whether it's for crab or lechon, pancit or adobo!

  23. Oh, my husband adores crab! I can do it in crab wontons but that's about it for me! I think it's the cream cheese that cancels out any minute seafood taste for me!

    This was such a clever link, Miss Carmen!

    C is for clever Carmen.