Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Why I Write

I Must Write

It doesn't take much effort,
My thoughts are always there,
For me, it helps to write them,
Whether poetry or prayer.

The words express my daily life,
The pain I sometimes feel,
Putting it in writing,
Is the way I start to heal.

I write to tell a story,
Of my travels far and wide,
Of sharing different cultures,
All differences put aside.

When I cannot find the words,
To speak to someone dear,
Sometimes I take a pen in hand,
Writing what they want to hear.

I write poems for everyone,
It's always been that way,
For occasions sad and happy,
Or just an ordinary day.

Writing helps my sanity,
As we live upon this earth,
I've been jotting chronicles,
Almost since my birth!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2007 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved. 


  1. Just popped in to meet you after your remark to lakeviewer at sixtyfivewhatnow, about her travels, and you mentioned my town, Paso Robles. Had to pay a visit to anyone who has heard of us and our lovely countryside! Your poem was a lot of fun. I feel the same pull to write poetry. Visit me sometime. Today's is about cedar waxwings and bushwacking husbands.

  2. Beautiful poem, Carmen! I feel the same about writing, but life demands take me down a different path, and that's trying to make money to survive!

  3. You must write as you do it so very well.... we get the benefit of your well expressed emotions and it is a pleasure to read your poetry........:-) Hugs

  4. I also love to write poems before but now no more, i just love reading others compositions

  5. How fun to know people who have walked the path you walk. I now know that you and San Pedro know each other, and with Chris, we all know where Paso Robles is.

    Love this tripping far and wide, meeting similar pilgrims. Your poems want to be sung, like those tales recited at campsites.

  6. Nana Trish is Living the Dream - somehow, I ended up rejecting your wonderful comment instead of publishing it - I guess I was just weary and my fingers don't follow my brain. I am so sad as it would have looked wonderful. I'm glad the Gulliver's corn was a hit - I made it at my son's in West Sacramento.

    Thanks for reading through the budget crisis episode. My award was the best thing that came out of it...as I write this, the city is facing more cuts.

  7. manuela10:47 PM

    'I've been jotting chronicles' - I just love that :). and your chronicles, too, alongside quite a few people, it seems...

  8. enchanted oak - your poetry is beautiful and I
    will look forward to reading more of it on
    your blog.

    manuela - i love that you are in far off cambodia
    and following my chronicles. If your travels
    ever bring you to San Francisco, we must meet!
    By the way, have you been to Angkor Wat yet?
    I have always wanted to visit there.

    lakeviewer - this blogging, and the internet,
    certainly have made the world small. I love

    Icy BC - I, too, need to be making more money.
    This retirement income isn't enough! At
    65, with only a half time income, living in
    the San Francisco area is tough but I so
    love it here and I am not yet ready to leave
    my home of the last 32 years. As for the
    writing...I've kept a small notebook with me
    for the last 58 years or so and constantly
    jot down thoughts...I guess it's kind of my

    Ayie - I would love to read some of your poems.
    Perhaps you will start again.

    Bernie, a big hug to you, I am so glad you like
    what I pass off as poetry!

  9. Hear hear...... that is true.( Or should it be here here?)

    Writing it down for everyone to see,
    But really its such good therapy.

    Nuts in May

  10. Maggie May, you are so right, therapeutic it is -
    and much less expensive than paying a

  11. Well said!

    I choose paints, not prose
    to don my handmade cards
    that send wishes to those
    who celebrate love
    or honor loss
    it's of no cost
    but comes straight from the heart
    when words are hard to stir.

    I find myself wanting to make you a card to celebrate your 100th cruise, I know you have a way to go but the card could take a long time too! E me your mailing address!

    it's what I do
    I create handmade cards for friends...whether celebrating a birthday or honoring someone who has passed. That is when it is cathardic for both of us.

  12. Carmen, I just finished reading all of the posts I've missed. Loved the pictures of your vacation. Lovely. I'm sorry about your job loss. I'm sure you miss doing such useful work. Congrats on your award and recognition though.

  13. That was lovely and you write well :)

  14. congrats on your award So sesreving but nurses ,like mums never get enough recognition. but then so feel your childs arms, his or her smile, the same from a patient is rewarding in itself.

    I tried to commment on the angel poem but could not find where to. GOODNESS I think you should publish all your poems or send them to Hallmark!!

    I started blogging because I find it helps me get my emotions and anger out, when needed. as you said it is cheaper LOL

    HUGs dear one

  15. oh, how lovely are your poems Carmen, how I wish I too made a journal of my writing when I was younger, now, how I wish words would come or flow as easily when I write :( I guess I had worked too much with so many numbers and symbols in my life that my writing stimulus has been shut down :( I wish to awaken it, hopefully in time.

  16. Popped back wishing you much fun and laughter on this weekend.. ENJOY.. HUGS