Thursday, April 28, 2011

Alphabe Thursday - "B" is for Beautiful - April 28, 2011

Tuesday, I almost had to be in two places at once.  At 9AM, I went for my third
appointment at the UCSF Mohs Surgery Center for the second post operative
follow up for the excision of the basal cell carcinoma on the right side of my nose.
Dr. Yu just laughed when I complained about the scar on my nose.  She is very
pleased with the way things are progressing, telling me to be patient.  "It's only
been a month, Carmen."  She says we can talk in six months!

I raced from Mt. Zion over to my urology appointment with Dr. Kahn in the
medical building at the California Pacific Medical Center, arriving about two
minutes before my 10AM appointment.  I'd gone to radiology the day before to
get the kidney/ureter/bladder x-ray ( I have multiple stones in both kidneys, some
far too large to ever pass normally ).  Dr. Kahn just wanted to check on their
progress in case an intervention needed to be done.  No, everything is status
quo so we'll leave things as they are.

From there, I decided to drive around Pacific Heights for a little while before
heading home.  I always enjoy seeing the beautiful Victorians in that area and I
was rewarded with a magnificent Spring display of flowers in bloom.  It just
reinforced my feelings that man can do little to improve on the glory of nature
in terms of real beauty .  Along one street, I photographed all the beautiful
flowers shown here.




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  1. The roses are my favorite but all are BEAUTIFUL!
    Thanks for sharing and have a
    HAPPY B Day!

  2. What beautiful photos! Looks as though the weather cooperated for you as well. Glad everything with your check ups is going okay. Sorry to hear about the large kidney stones. My sister ended up in the hospital with that problem. I'm glad everything is okay at the moment.

  3. Beautful bloom blossoming in every shot.

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos.
    Too bad about the nose scar & the kidney stones.
    Hope something can be done for both eventually.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. We have kidney stones in my family...many, many stones. Ugh.

    Hope your excision heals quickly! And the flowers are lovely.


  6. Hope you heal up quickly!

    Those flowers should help, how lovely they are...

  7. Magnificent blooms and beautiful shots, Carmen. So colorful and cheery.

  8. Lovely your works..
    Spring lets do all heart cheerily still more.
    It is good for an atmosphere of San Francisco.

    Thank you for your visit.

    Saga, Japan.

  9. Carmen, you certainly have a gift with photography!! Your photos are beautiful!!

  10. Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers! Glad to hear your doing well. :-)

  11. I have had a kidney stone before...only 1 and it was crazy painful. I cannot imagine dealing with multiples. Its great that you were able to enjoy the beauty around you on a day that would be quite frustrating otherwise.

  12. Oh I am glad your kidney stones are settled...I have had them before and know how painful they are. The flowers certainly are beautiful.

  13. it's good to head that you're fine :) thanks for stopping by my site, actually i admire people who writes poem. oh btw, your photography is great! you have captured the color and the crispness of the flowers :) well, i'll go and check your other posts. you have a great day and thanks for sharing :)

  14. I've never had the kidney stone pain but my mom and daughter have....Hope you heal well and fast.
    Love the rose pics!

  15. Good luck with your health "challenges," Carmen.
    Wishing you well.

  16. Oh Carmen, I'm glad a day of worry and concern turned into one that ended in such beauty.

    I like the way you look at life. Always looking for the flowers among the rubble.

    I hope your health challenges lighten up. You've had quite a year!

    Thank you for linking.


  17. Coralie Cederna Johnson -
    So happy you enjoyed all my flower photos, especially the roses!

    Mountain Woman -
    I am so glad you stopped by and saw my flower photos! I am doing reasonably well right now. My kidney stones are not giving me grief, at least. I've just started physical therapy for the arthritis in my shoulder which is pretty bad. Hopefully, I'll get better range of motion! It always seems to be something!

    JDaniel4's Mom -
    I was so lucky to chance upon that street with all the lovely flowers!

    Maggie May -
    The doc who did the surgery on my nose tells me to be patient - it's only been a month! I guess the scar will improve with time. As for the kidney stones, as long as I stay well hydrated, they usually don't bother me too much!!

    Sue -
    Aren't those flowers gorgeous? I wish I could say they were in my yard! My brother has kidney stones, as well...but they're a different type.

  18. They are beautiful, I adore flowers and yours are so colourful

  19. Beautiful blooms!