Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pacific Scenes, Watery Wednesday & Wordless Wednesday, July 7, 2010


  1. Around American...the Pacific ocean is the BEST!!!

    My Wednesday post -Tall Sail Ships Arriving. Lots of photos! Hope you can come take the tour with me!

  2. Wonderful coastal views! The waters look quite wild in the first two photos!

  3. There seems to be some problem with your page template. The sidebar is overlapping the content area. BTW I liked the first picture. Awesome.

  4. You captured such a wonderful variety of clouds. Great shots.

  5. Georgeous scenery,
    thank you for sharing these sights!

    I never made it to the Pacific, but I am still hopeful to get there one day.

  6. and there I was thinking I love nothing more than the shore on an overcast day when I realize it is haze :(

    Happy WW!

  7. great depth is those shots!

  8. Great Watery shots.

  9. Love all the purple in here!!
    And I Love these photos! Wish I was down on that beach!!
    Happy day sweetie!

  10. These are absolutely gorgeous, Carmen. Wish I were there right now :)

  11. Wow- that first one could be a painting!

  12. These pictures are beautiful. What great scenery. I love them.

  13. I like the second scene, very cool and so relaxing.

  14. Carmen, it's very amazing views :)

    Thanks for dropping by...

  15. The Ocean View is really grand.
    And it seems to open my heart...


  16. That top one is really nice. Great coastal feel.

  17. HOOTIN' ANNI -
    I've been lucky enough to sail on many of the world's oceans and seas - they are so beautiful. Enjoyed your tall ships post!

    Gemma@Grayscale -
    Actually, the ocean is pretty calm right now. In a past blog, I got some great shots during a winter storm. The ocean was wild!

    Shiju Sugunan -
    I finally went back and played around with the blog template. I hope it stays this way. I also couldn't schedule any posts since I changed the template and I hated that. Now I've got that corrected as well. Can you tell how non savvy I am at all this?

    JDaniel4's Mom -
    Some of that is our ever present fog, not clouds...glad you liked the photos.

    Meresi -
    Our California coast is beautiful. I never tire of it.

    amandab -
    In this area, we get so much fog, ground fog and, occasionally, haze. It all adds charm, I think, to the scenery.

    And Miles to Go -
    I just aim the camera and shoot - what you see is what I got!

    Jan n Jer -
    Glad you liked my Pacific shots!

    Donna -
    I love the new template. It's more me...kind of like the color I chose for my poetry book.
    The Pacifica beaches are nice but the water is about 55 degrees!!

    Poetic Shutterbug -
    You have to see the amazing area I discovered the other day - the most beautiful ocean and flower shots I've gotten since I moved out here.

    Sharkbytes -
    Sometimes the views do take my breath away.

    Dena -
    It is wonderful living out here with views like this around every corner.

    Dharma Shots -
    Pacifica is a nice coastal community that holds an annual Fog Fest. People there learn to live with the fog which is just a way of life.

    lina@happyfamily -
    I live in an area that is breathtakingly beautiful!

    ruma2008 -
    Our Pacific Ocean is beautiful,isn't it?

  18. Lovely shots! Thanks for sharing and thanks for commenting on my WW post. :)

  19. oh my ... such beauty. I've never seen the Pacific coast but happily will get my first experience next week when we head out on vacation. Thanks for the preview! Breathtaking.

  20. A serene and restful scene along a craggy windswept coast high above the city's cares.