Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Stormy Weather in Pacifica, CA


  1. Wow Carmen! You do take very lovely photos. I wish I have that talent like you have.

    The waves look scary and yet, you are able to capture perfect wave shots. You are such a talented person.

    Have a great day Carmen and I've added you in blogroll. Hugs!

  2. Wow, Carmen, dramatic and awesome shots. These really capture the wet n wild and weird storms we've been having. Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Carmen..wish you were here for the pasta..we had plenty...LOVE LOVE LOVE your stormy pictures....

    beautiful photography, dear one

    wish i was up your way..I LOVE being in S.F. in a storm...and that glass of wine you're holding looks delightful...especially tonight..don't mind if I do.......


  4. Absolutely awesome! I'd love to see that in person.

  5. Beautiful pictures. At least, Pacifica was not foggy this time. We always drive by when it's too foggy to see the ocean.

    They are worried about mud slides in Southern Cal.

  6. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Beautiful photos, Carmen..A series of clouds and waves are gorgeous to see!

  7. These photos are very evocative. I can hear the waves while I am looking at them. My favorite is the big rock with the fog and surf at it's base. Excellent! Thank you for sharing.
    What are your temps like out there?

  8. awesome pics.. are these from ur place?? really loved them...

  9. oh Carmen, I love the photos, the rock with the mist from the waves was so beautiful, and of course, all the others too.

  10. MaxiVelasco - thank you for your kind words. I
    do enjoy photography. Sometimes, good shots
    just happen along! I was pretty pleased with
    these. Hugs back to you.

    Poetic Shutterbug - this area of Pacifica, by
    Rockaway Beach is always good for shots in
    stormy weather, partly because of the way the
    surf comes in and the rocks. I always love
    going there.

    sm - thank you...I love this area near me.

    My Farmhouse Kitchen - that wine photo was
    in Chops Restaurant on the Brilliance of
    the Seas - we were treated to dinner there
    by the F & B Mgr who went to Cal Poly,
    Pomona but, of course, is very familiar
    with SLO.

    Margie - whenever you can come out, we'll do
    the big tour - from the beach at Land's End
    near Jo's house to this beach ( though the
    waves aren't like this unless it's stormy )
    to beautiful Half Moon Bay - even down to
    Monterey and Carmel!

    lakeviewer - Pacifica is usually nicer in the
    winter months - but, you're right, some-
    times you cannot see your hand in front of

    A couple of apartment buildings in Pacifica
    are about to go down. They tried to shore
    them up with boulders but it just isn't

    Kat_RN - that area, about five miles from my
    house is one of my favorite spots. I like
    the rock photo, too. Weather wise, our
    temps don't get too high or too low. At
    night, it's down about 50, up about 60,
    right now during the day...but 20 miles
    away it can get 10 - 15 degrees hotter or

    Priyanka Bhowmick - this is only a few miles
    from where I live - my two younger sons
    went to high school about two miles from
    these waves, up a hill and down into a
    valley. When I would drive them, I always
    loved coming back down the hill, with the
    whole Pacific below me.

    betchai - I think that rock is my favorite
    photo as well...that area is one of my
    favorite spots when I just need to get away
    and unwind!

  11. Those are fabulous photographs! Really, really gorgeous.

    (The best Sparkle could come up with was a bunch of photos of boxes.)

  12. Oh No!!!!!!

    You have flooded my laptop.

  13. Your photos are just stunning!

  14. Awesome photos, Miss Carmen. That Pacific can be a bit on the daunting side, eh! Thank you for sharing.

  15. Anonymous11:31 PM

    very beautiful photography. well done

  16. Hello from the other side of the Pacific. I really enjoyed looking at these photos - the incredible power of the ocean. You have a great eye for capturing shots at just the right moment!

    Sending care and huggles,

    Michelle - and a yet again snoring Zebbycat

  17. Janiss - glad you like the pictures. Usually
    our Pacific Ocean is not so wild!

    rainfield61 - you know, sometimes, crazy kids
    get out there and try to surf when there are
    storms like this. Thankfully, this time
    people listened to the advisories.

    Sheila - I was so happy with these photos...
    sometimes, they are not so good!

    sony holland - our Pacific is supposed to be
    peaceful, isn't it? I am so excited that
    this time, next week, I'll be listening to
    my favorite of all jazz singers!!!!

    Vaggelis - thank you - I'm happy you liked my

    Mickle in NZ - I wish I were on your size of
    the Pacific...yes the ocean can be very
    ferocious, at times! Much love to you and

  18. I think that these photos are beautiful. Beautiful capturing of light and that rock with the misty vapors...that is strong and gives off a powerful image and feeling...

  19. The past storm really made me cold during those days =(

  20. It is dreamlike wonderful scenery.

    Air of California seems to arrive to the Far East. It is very happy to live at such a place.

    Saga where I am now is -3 degrees.
    I look forward to a warm climate.

  21. C - this area of Pacifica is a favorite of mine, regardless of the weather. It is a place that always gives me a sense of peace.

    Ayie - the weather is continuing...too long, I think!

    ruma2008 - ooooh, so cold where you are, Ruma. Glad you liked my photos - a real honor from a supreme photographer like you. I've enjoyed reading about your island since I was really only a little familiar with Honshu.