Friday, January 01, 2010

My First Poem of 2010

My First Poem of 2010

The new year came,
Without a roar,
It crept in quietly,
Through my back door.

I sat alone,
In contemplation,
But didn't feel,
The least frustration!

Armed with chocolate,
And a lovely wine,
I thought about,
This life of mine.

At sixty-five,
I'm winding down,
I accepted that,
Without a frown.

The years gone by,
Some bad, some great,
Don't matter now,
I've a new, clean slate!

I've decided to set,
A goal or two,
But with resolutions,
I'm finally through.

I'm going to enjoy,
The year ahead.
I won't allow myself,
To live in dread.

I'll eat the things,
That give me delight,
Even if I take,
Just a single bite!

I might exercise,
If I feel inclined,
But I won't allow it,
To become a grind!

I need to hug,
My grown sons more,
For they're the men,
I most adore.

I hope I'll travel,
To parts unknown,
I don't even mind,
If I journey alone.

I hope to blog,
On a daily basis,
That internet lifeline,
Is my oasis.

Most of all,
When this year's done,
I hope I'm around,
For another one!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright © 2010 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved


  1. I love it! Great rhythm, great message! Happy New Year!

  2. tht's a lovely dedication to the new year...very well written..HAPPY NEW YEAR...

  3. "That internet lifeline, Is my oasis", but I feel exhausted sometimes to reach this oasis.

  4. I love the optimism and goals for the new year Carmen - well done :)

  5. If I could, I think I would have written this. You make all my thoughts live.
    Super poem!
    Love Granny

  6. What a wonderful poem. I sense a determination not to let 2010 get you down and to just have fun. Thats the way to go girl!

  7. Oh Carmen, I so love your poems and this one is perfect.......:-) Hugs

  8. Every line was a cracker, Carmen.

    I need to hug,
    My grown sons more,
    For they're the men,
    I most adore.

    This was my favourite verse. I'm sure you can imagine why. God bless.

  9. This is a precious gift to us, Carmen, and I'm happy that you're so prolific. Thank you so much for your comments in my blog and for your poems.

  10. Hi visiting from Corve Da Costa. He likes your blog so I thought I'll check it out. I love poems, reading them and yours in wonderful.

    Nice visit.

  11. You WOMAN are unique... I'll journey with you if you please
    I love your no resolutions, your always possitive thinking!
    Thank you

  12. Carmen- we are so glad to have you here in blogland! Nice to be your friend.

  13. Happy New Year and have fun in 2010!

  14. A fabulous, uplifting first poem of 2010. Happy New Year, Carmen! Love & Blessings!!

  15. A nice poem of a little bit of quietness for the new year. I hope your true, and maybe sometimes unspoken wishes come true for the new year.

  16. Wonderful. That has really cheered me up as I'm 60 this year! Buon Anno, Peace and Happiness to you.

  17. What a wonderful poem for the start of the year.

    Two nights ago I enjoyed a beautifully ripe, almost runny brie a home - thinking it would have tasted even better shared with you. We would have so relished it together with a pleasant white wine. The brie was so gloriously gooey that finger licking was a necessity!

    Care and huggles,

    Michelle and Zebbycat

  18. An excellent poem and a fun way to list your goals. Happy New Year indeed!

  19. and what a nice poem to start the year off with! thank you for sharing it, and here's to many more in the days and years to come!

  20. what a lovely poem to bring the new year in with

    Tina from
    Gossip Avenue
    Travel Shack
    Mummy Diaries
    Game FreakZ

  21. what a perfect poem....
    filled with laughs and truths and wisdom...

    and a nice reminder to hug my kids more often....

  22. Breeze - one of the nicest things about the
    new year was winning your poetry book!

    Priyanka Bhowmick - I'm happy I met you as the
    new year dawns! I just realized you are
    from the part of India where one of my
    favorite teas is from!!

    rainfield61 - sometimes it is hard to fit it
    all in, isn't it? I spend so many hours at
    this computer!!

    Poetic Shutterbug - I was in the doldrums for
    so much of the past year, I figured I'd
    better pick myself up!!!

    Granny on the Web - I'm glad I could speak for
    both of us!!

    A human kind of human - for ten months, I've
    mourned the loss of my forensic nursing job
    and have been so sad. I can't go on like
    that. It's really not my
    enough is enough and the new year is the
    perfect time to make the change!! Back
    to a little fun in my life!

  23. Bernie - you are the best..even if I wrote a
    lousy poem, I doubt you'd tell me.

    Valerie - those grown sons, at least the two
    youngest, give me a crick ( as we Southern
    belles call it ) in my neck when I try to
    hug them...they're 6'4" and though I'm tall
    at 5'8", if I want to give them a peck on
    the cheek, I feel like I'm going to break
    my cervical vertebrae!!

    fullet - dear one, I don't write quality but
    I definitely write quantity!

    Ocean Girl - I see you, too, are from Malaysia.
    I am happy to say I have been in your lovely
    country with its thousands of rubber trees,
    beautiful beaches and wonderful food! Come
    see me again.

    Dulce - I'll have you as a traveling companion
    anytime and you can teach me to write
    delicious poems like yours!

    Sharkbytes - you're an inspiration, even though
    I couldn't even stay upright on snowshoes
    when I lived in MA...pretty sad, huh!

    Glynis - I love your poetry and hope to see
    much more of it!

    Marion - I am so pleased you liked my first
    effort of the new year!

    Ratty - I hope all our wishes for the new year
    come true!

  24. Welshcakes Limoncello- so when is your birth-
    day? We will have to have a huge celebra-
    tion. I always found the decades were the
    most difficult birthdays for me...the years
    in between didn't matter so much. For my
    65th, I was in Rome with four friends along
    and then we did that six day Med cruise,
    ending with four days in more
    like that unless I start working again!!

    Mickle in NZ - oh, Michelle - I love brie and
    all those wonderful high calorie triple
    creme cheeses like St. Andre. I can eat
    them without crackers!! I am a great fan of
    all cheeses, even the stinkiest ones. It
    would be wonderful to share them, and wine,
    with you someday. Zebby would have to
    watch and purr!

    Nurse Heidi - nice to see you've
    been very busy with the holidays and the
    little ones. I've enjoyed your blog.

    Manuela - it's nice that you've had a little
    visit to Bangkok! I will see you often, I
    hope, in the new year.

    Tina - please stop by often.

    beth - your blog and photography are always
    wonderful. Happy 25th anniverary!

  25. great new year's poem! I am glad to know you still enjoyed the new year despite being alone.