Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Her life was never varied,
She had her same routine,
Up each day by six o’clock,
For a run that kept her lean.

She always had her cereal,
With protein, flax, and soy,
And dreamed about a puppy,
To bring her lots of joy.

She worked hard at the office,
With a zest unmatched by few,
Whatever needed doing,
She would pitch right in and do!

At lunch, she liked to wander,
In little shops and such,
Her kindnesses to all she met,
Made her loved so much.

Every other evening,
She would take the time,
To visit a home for elders,
And play a piano most sublime!

As she left one evening,
A handsome man came near,
To thank her for always bringing,
His elder mother so much cheer.

As the weeks turned into months,
This man would always stay,
And many times, he’d bring to her,
A lovely rose bouquet.

And so it came to pass in June,
In the lovely church in town,
A joyous marriage happened,
With everyone around.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2009 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved.


  1. Hello Carmen! A lovely story in a poem. Such a talent!

    I love how you play with words and still keep the thoughts in tact.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well written. Anniversary? Memory Lane? Just feeling like rhyming? And what, pray tell, is a forensic RN?

  3. That is so sweet. What a lovely love story in a beautiful rhyming poem. It made me smile :)

  4. It is a happy ending...

  5. Cute love story. More details of the courtship please.

  6. This is beautiful story, Carmen, in marvelous verses..

  7. Anonymous9:04 AM

    as always, an enjoyable read.

  8. Happy happy poem, so hopeful! Like a fairy tale. My mum always says Do the Right Thing, and You Can't Go Wrong! The roses in the snow is a glorious image. The snowdrops are out in Cambridge...

  9. everytime
    a new poem with thoughtful story or message

  10. Love is here so very well described- a story to remain... in my heart today!
    beautiful carmen!

  11. Oh I so love happy endings......:-) Hugs

  12. Sweet, is the story yours? I do love romance.

  13. Very sweet poem Carmen. Love often begins like this!

  14. I agree, too.
    The life seemed to be always a wave.
    The suffering is moment.
    The delight is life.

    The variety is a pleasure, and spice...

  15. Did you write this for someone as it is so beautifully personalized. We have a guy at work that write pottery for people to mark their mile stones. For 2 year all I wanted was for Barry to write me a poem and when I celebrate 10 years with the company (a few year back) I finally got my poem by Barry and it is now laminated and pined to my work desk partition.

  16. Hello Carmen!

    How lovely this poem is. Very Beautiful! these are the romances you love to hear about whether they be true or not...touches the heart strings..


  17. Anonymous5:33 PM

    What a powerful word, your "always".

    A deep bow in respect of your writing and a wish for a wonderful Friday too.

  18. Such a beautiful tribute to the couple! Lovely words, Carmen! You are so sweet! :)

  19. Oh! Sweet endings. Is it a personal story?

  20. MaxiVelasco -
    So glad you liked my poetry which was strictly

    Jenny -
    "Always" was just a figment of my imagination! I think I sent you the link to my forensic nurse blog but, basically, forensic nursing involves areas where nursing and the law intersect, such as death investigation, sexual assault, legal nurse consulting, corrections, etc.

    Breeze -
    I do appreciate positive comments from a fellow

    rainfield61 -
    I thought it was time for a happy ending - too
    much sadness lately!

    Shiju Sugunan -
    Alas, Shiju, I don't have any of the courtship
    details! I guess I should have included some in
    the poem...I just jumped to the final results,

  21. Icy BC -
    I think you are a romantic!

    Kamana -
    so glad you enjoyed this!

    Shaista (Lupus in Flight) -
    I felt myself in need of something happy, Shaista. You know, those roses in snow are from - she gave them as a gift if we wanted to use them....just look back in her blog. I thought they were so lovely.

    sm -
    your kind words are always so much appreciated!

    jane -
    I'm glad I helped you smile!

    Dulce -
    always glad to be in your memories & part of
    your thoughts!

    Bernie -
    I don't always come up with happy endings so it is nice for a change.

  22. Kat_RN -
    Sad to say, "Always" is not a poem about my love
    story! I wish I had such a romantic tale in my

    Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti -
    Unfortunately, I didn't have a love that began this way but it is fun to write about one.

    ruma2008 -
    I think life's variety and spice is what keeps
    it interesting for us!! We would get a little bored if it were the same routine all the time, wouldn't we?

    Liss -
    no, "Always" wasn't written for anyone. It's pure fiction...but, like Barry, I often do write poetry for family and friends. My soon-to-be daughter-in-law has asked me to write a poem for her and Alex for their wedding in May...that will be somewhat difficult because I am sure I will be bawling throughout. I adore her and my son both and am so thrilled about this first wedding of my three boys.

    bessye -
    I wish there were more romances that ended up
    this way.

    ρομπερτ -
    Thank you for your kind comments on "Always."
    I hope you had a nice Saturday in Greece and that Sunday will be even better!

    Tes -
    This is only a make believe couple...wish they were real!

    lakeviewer -
    fiction only, I'm sad to say!

  23. sos -
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog. Please do come again!

    Welchcakes Limoncello - would that "Always" were a reality!!

  24. I just love happy ending poems. How do you do it? Never mind, I know, it is called talent for words, something I am very short on.

  25. What a lovely story within a poem Carmen, thanks for sharing.