Thursday, January 21, 2010

It Never Rains But It Pours

Doom and gloom abounds on this day of continued rain and pounding surf.  You may have seen my Pacifica surf pictures in yesterday's blog.  Just a few miles up the road from Rockaway Beach where my pictures were taken and closer to my house, two apartment buildings, which have been in jeapordy of taking a tumble into the sea, are now being evacuated because efforts to shore up the crumbling cliff, with the addition of boulders to combat the violent waves , have failed.  Check out this video - Pacifica Cliff Crumbling - Residents Evacuating.

Our neighbors in southern California are faring badly as well.  Many areas, especially those that suffered loss of trees and vegetation in last year's fires, are in danger of mudslides and are having to evacuate their homes.  Mudslides Slam CA Hillsides

While most of the state was definitely in need of rain, Mother Nature does not seem to know when to stop ( I guess I need to be careful so as not to incur further wrath ).  How about changing these deluges to some nice steady gentle sprinkles, Mama?  Enough already!!


  1. I just wrote you a comment..on my blog...what was i thinking..i guess i wasn't brain is rain soaked...

    i made contact with Chris from Enchanted Oak..what a dear one....if you make it down in March lunch together would be fun....

    stay warm and dry my friend


  2. Hope the rain slows down. When California has seasons, there is always lots of drama.

  3. I wonder why nature tends to deliver us weather conditions in bulk? and if only we could share weather around. I know most of Australia would gladly take some of that rain off your hands.

  4. I caught a bit of what was going on in California on the news, and it didn't look very good..I hope it will stop quickly!