Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Until we take that final breath,
There always is a chance,
To right a wrong we might have done,
To thrill to a romance.

It’s not too late to travel,
To a place seen in our dreams,
With exotic food and palaces,
Where the sun on marble gleams.

As long as we awaken,
We can make the most each day,
Of every golden opportunity,
That the Creator sends our way.

A change needn’t be dramatic,
It can simply be to smile,
It helps make life a little brighter,
And the journey more worthwhile.

Each day holds new beginnings,
Just waiting, if we choose,
Embrace life to its fullest,
For you’ve nothing at all to lose!

Carmen Henesy

Copyright © 2010 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved


  1. Carmen I love your poems they always feel as though I could sing them, if I knew how to sing.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Carmen, this is one of my favorite places to come and read poems.....they are all so wonderful and teach lovely lessons.....:-) Hugs

  3. "Each day holds new beginnings, Just waiting, if we choose..." This is such an uplifting thought, thank you. It is wonderful that we start each new day with the chance to do better, be happier, live more fully and love more freely, than the day before. Thanks for a lovely poem.

  4. i didn't knew you write too.....everytime i'm here....there is smthing new to learn....
    i'm really bad with poems .....

    anyways....Wishes for the new yaer.....\,,/

  5. simply a wonderful poem...lovely crafted!!

  6. its came round so fast again hasnt it! heres to a fab 2010 :)

    Tina from
    Gossip Avenue
    Travel Shack
    Mummy Diaries
    Game FreakZ

  7. Beautiful poem for the New Year, Carmen!
    It sheds hope, inspiring thoughts, and encouraging.

  8. I love your poems they are honest and relateable.

  9. How very apt and true. I don't regret anything I have done in this life, only the things I didn't do. Thank you for sharing, you are very talented.
    Kat (also RN, staff nurse in a small hospital)nice to meet you.

  10. Anonymous7:29 AM

    i so enjoy my visits here. very inspirational poem here.

  11. Yeah! I'll drink to this.

  12. Thank yoy and a toast to this... I so easily give up...

  13. What a beautiful poem...this is wonderful...thanks so much for following my blog and making such sweet comments!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely blog.
    I know a lady from our area who is a blood spatter expert formerly of Mempphis...very well may know her, her first name is Paulette.

  14. Your poem dances on the screen with joy and exuberance, with encouragement and simple pleasures. Happy new year, Carmen.

  15. Fantastic - that gives me courage.

  16. Happy New Year Carmensita!! I wonder what wonderful places you will travel to, what delicious foods you will taste and what new words you will weave together to create tomorrow's poetry?

  17. Carmen, exactly! It's about living each moment to the fullest.

  18. Renee - there's no one I'd rather have sing my
    poems than you so go right ahead!!!

    Bernie - not all of my poems teach lovely
    lessons! Some of them are quite ridiculous!

    a human kind of human - yes, we do get a chance
    with each new day but...I have to admit,
    when I lost my job, I was pretty glum for a
    long while and couldn't see any brightness
    ahead! Getting into the blogging world
    helped. I'm not making money but it's
    given me wonderful new friends.

    hitesh rawat - I've been writing poems for
    almost fifty years now. I don't think
    Robert Frost or Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    have any competition, though.

    Priyanka Bhowmick - I am honored to have you
    visiting my page and reading my poetry, from
    one of the countries I love most!

    Tina - I enjoy your Travel Shack - great info.

    Icy BC - you are always encouraging me. I am
    so glad you liked this poem.

    Liss - this poem, I think, was one with which
    most of us could identify.

    Kat_RN - wow, do you have a most beautiful
    home. Looks like something out of "Gone
    With the Wind." Nice to have a fellow
    RN reading my blog! I wish I was still
    working..but just lost my job, of 21 years
    ( forensics ) in San Francisco's massive
    budget cuts.

    Kamana - please come back often...the internet
    is much quicker than flying!

  19. lakeviewer - you are such a great friend,
    stopping by so often!

    Dulce - mas dulce que azucar - how nice to see
    your comments always.

    Thoughtfully blended hearts - are you from
    Memphis? One of my most beloved nurse
    colleagues, Patricia Speck, used to be in
    charge of the sexual assault program there,
    finished up her PhD, teaches at UT, and does
    private consulting. She would probably know
    your blood spatter expert.

    Enchanted Oak - I am so happy you visit. It
    always delights me.

    Welchcakes Limoncello - seeing your name always
    makes me think of my youngest son returning
    from a visit to Italy, armed with four
    different bottles of limoncello! We had a
    wonderful "tasting" - the best was a home
    made bottle from the bed and breakfast
    where he stayed in Cinque de Terre.

    Shaista - how wonderful to see you in this new
    year. How are you doing, dearest one? I
    send you a big embrace. No travel plans
    yet - so busy counting pennies and hoping
    to find some sort of job so I can travel.

    Poetic Shutterbug - well, some of those moments
    I live MUST be with you...we need to do a
    series of photos this year like that one I
    did at Cafe Divine - do you recall?

  20. This made me smile. :) Thank you for that. :) And cheers to new beginnings for you, Carmen! For us all! :) The new dawn is upon us! :)

  21. beautiful thoughts there to begin the new year!!


  22. Hi Carmen,
    Beautifully put! Lovely poem. You see, there is something to be said for blessings in deguise...


  23. Hi Carmen! I like new beginnings. Sometimes things don't turn out right our simply gets tougher but in the end there's a new beginning. A better one.

  24. Beautiful poem
    with those pics of roses

  25. It's never too late. Gorgeous roses in your header pic!

  26. C - we are now well into our first week of
    new beginnings - hope they continue to be
    good for us!

    magiceye - I wish you the best of new beginnings
    as the year nears the end of its first week
    in beautiful India. I look forward to so
    many more of your spectacular photographs!

    bessye - so glad you liked my "New Beginnings"
    poem. Let's hope we recognize our blessings
    in disguise!

    Ayie - I think that's what keeps us going
    sometime - the thought that there is another
    chance, something better out there.

    sm - aren't those roses something. SchererArts
    offered them for free to be used and I was
    quick to take advantage of that!

    willow - you are so right..never late for new
    beginnings. Roses are from Scherer Arts for
    free. She has the most lovely pictures of
    angels and roses.