Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chaos in Haiti

Icy BC of Reach Beyond Limits told me about a site called One Single Impression.  If you are a poet, you must check out this site! You can find a prompt every Sunday and have the whole week to work on your poem. After you've published your post, you can put your URL in to Mister Linky.

This week prompt is Chaos! This is the poem I wrote.

Chaos in Haiti

Midst rumbling and much shaking,
The groaning earth gave way,
Unleashing chaos and heartbreak,
For poor Haiti on that fateful day.

The actual tremors only lasted,
Fifteen seconds, not much more,
But the ensuing devastation,
Looked more like all out war.

Most buildings lay in ruins,
Many loved ones disappeared,
The loss of life and injured,
Are so much more than feared.

A sense of total isolation,
A desperate need for urgent aid,
The world responded instantaneously,
Uniting to join in this crusade.

Though this country is so near us,
It might as well be moons away,
Getting help to those who need it,
Seems fraught with far too much delay!

Things must be worked out soon,
Water, food, and medical care,
These most essential basic needs,
Are the first things that should be there!

The chaos will need undoing,
A sense of peace must be restored,
And, for all these poor suffering souls,
Their mental health cannot be ignored!

Our support must remain ongoing,
As the Haitians move on to rebuild,
With a sense of community and spirit,
We can help see their hopes are fulfilled.

Carmen Henesy

Copyright (c) 2009 by Carmen Henesy
All rights reserved.


  1. A very beautiful poem about such a tragic event. It'shard to think about what those poor people must be going through right now.

  2. Anonymous3:38 AM

    This is wonderful, Carmen! Your description is fantastic for what's going on in Haiti! I'm glad you find One Single Impression fun..

  3. Carmen, it seems that this chaos is in the foreground as of late. My heart goes out to those that suffer, to those who have lost more than stuff.

  4. Great and timely poem! Your mind must race a mile a minute the way you get so much accomplished! You are blessed with so much talent!

  5. moving, urgent and inspiring, a chance to be humane.

  6. My heart goes out to the people of Haiti.

  7. Ratty - it is hard to come up with poetry about
    such a tragedy. I did my best.

    Icy BC - had it not be for Single Impression, I
    might not have had the impetus to write this
    poem. Thank you!

    Woman in a Window - it is hard to think of much
    else, Erin; I hope people continue to keep
    the Haitians in their thoughts in their
    long road to recovery!

    Travelingjoan - I think my mind is fading fast
    but I do try to stay busy, especially now
    that I'm not working!

    Tongue Trip - I'm pleased that you liked this

    willow - the plight of Haiti has to impact the
    entire world as did the horrible tsunami a
    few years back.

  8. This is such a dedication to such a sad and fatal disaster. It keeps us so impotent..

  9. A dedication to a most unfortunate country. Lets hope that the help gets there in time,,,,,,, right to the heart of the people.

    Nuts in May

  10. Yeah, all of the above, well done to you in writing this so well, my thoughts are with those left on Haiti, thanks for reminding us.

  11. This is a beautiful poem expressing the tragedy of Haiti. May God bless them. When I heard the prompt chaos, I immediately thought of them as well.

  12. An amazing and wonderful poem, Carmen. Touched my heart. Thanks.

  13. Good poem... it's really hard to watch all the bumbling with the distribution of aid. But I think things are starting to get sorted out a bit.

  14. Your poem rocks. I don't know what else to do to help in Haiti besides to send some money and pray. Prayer changes things. But the need is overwhelming... People everywhere are reaching out. I found Dr. Jen helping a medical clinic in PAP. She writes a good blog here: http://providenceinhaiti.blogspot.com/

  15. Beautiful! The cries for Haiti have been silent for so long...an now there is an awaking. I too know this will take a long time and I just hope we don't forget.

    marcia erickson
    providence ministries ~ haiti

  16. What a beautiful poem for a sad reality!

    My heart could only feel pain for the victims and those they left behind!

    Let us pray if that's what we can give or extend them.

  17. Such a thoughtful poem. The whole situation in Haiti was heart wrenching before the earthquake and now it's beyond sad. Our hearts and prayers must be there for these poor people. I am so glad I found you in bloggyland and you are such a talented and traveled person. I wish we could sit down with a cup of coffee someday. Let me know when you are back in Georgia.

  18. Oh Carmen, this is a beautiful, yet in so many ways heart-wrenching. Wrote from the heart, I can tell. Very meaningful, should be published in a book!

  19. So sad and yet so beautiful. Well written.


  20. Beautifully written, Carmen

    I can't stop thinking about it.....

    I have to go see Enchanted Oak...and YES! if you come this way...lunch would be so much FUN !

    Keep me posted on it....

    Off to see Enchanted Oak.....

    more later, dear friend


  21. Heartfelt, poignant and oh so important. Well done Carmen.

  22. This is so heart felt and true it sent a chill down my spine.

  23. Very nicely written - it is a powerful piece!

  24. We who stand on terra firma, it is up to us to buoy up this resilient and courageous people who have endured so much. Thank you for this poem!