Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scenic Sunday - Bahamian Sunset



  1. Is that gorgeous or what? Wow, the second one is exquisite Carmen. How I'd love to be there right now. Just stunning.

  2. Lovely, now there must be a poem about the sunset?!

  3. One of my dream destinations, and dream times :)

    Rays of Hope

  4. And the last photo is just the best one Carmen!

    Panshet and Varasgaon — Twin Dams

  5. gorgeously soothing images

  6. so serene and so peaceful, very inspiring and beautiful Carmen. like Jo, want to be there now. I keep on looking at the second one too.

  7. Beautiful photos, Carmen! You have captured that elusive time . . . twilight! The beauty of it makes time stand still. Even in your photography you communicate poetry! And its beauty makes me want to write verses!

  8. Your scenic Sunday view is quite awesome! Gorgeous colors!

  9. beayutiful! i have nothing more to say... :))

  10. Fantastic color of the sky, Carmen! Gorgeous photos.

  11. Hi Carmen!

    Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Beautiful sunset shots. I love the last shot most.

  13. Thank you for showing wonderful scenery.

    This view heals a heart.

  14. Poetic Shutterbug - I'm glad I went out on the
    deck, Jo, as the ship was sailing out of
    Nassau. I've been there, I think, about
    15 times so, sometimes, I don't ( I've even
    been on land vacations for a total of three
    weeks! )- this sunset was really lovely.

    a human kind of human - no touch ups, just the
    Lord's handiwork!

    traveljoan - I can't remember if I've written
    a poem about the sunset but I will, if not -
    and one of these pictures must accompany

    Bhavesh Chhatbar - I've been to Nassau so many
    times, usually cruising so just there for a
    day. However, I did stay once for a week,
    and, another time, went for a week. It is
    nice to be able to get away from downtown
    Nassau to other parts of the island where I
    think it is more beautiful. Paradise Island
    has Atlantis with its aquarium and glitzy
    casino but, again, away from all that, it is
    lovely. My favorite part of the Bahamas is
    the smaller island - really lovely beaches,
    spectacular sunrises and sunsets!

    magiceye - I'm glad you like these, my
    photographer friend!

    Tes - wow, you leave me speachless with your
    lovely comment ( something I rarely am! )

    Self Sagacity - thank you for visiting my blog.
    I am glad you like the Bahamian sunset.

    smoooth n rippled - I appreciate your visit and
    am glad you enjoyed the photos.

    Icy BC - I love sunsets. I know I have more
    photos of other spots in the world..just
    have to find them!

    T. McAlpine - lovely to see you here, sharing
    my sunset pictures.

    Rajesh - it is so nice to have a wonderful
    Indian photographer commenting on my
    Bahamian sunsets!!

    ruma2008 - you speak so eloquently but, you are
    heart, beautiful vistas can heal a heart!

  15. Oh you!... lead a so sweet life!

  16. Oh Carmen, these photos are absolutely DIVINE! You know that I am a sunset fanatic!!!! Why else would my blog be called The Sunset Poet? The shades of pink and purple are absolutely exquisite. And you took these right on your deck? WOW...I may have to reconsider a cruise after all.

  17. Margie: Sunset with the Margiedales. Nothing could be finer.

  18. i love your second photo, so sceninc! The sailboat completed it!

  19. Oh my but these are breathtaking.....:-) Hugs

  20. Beautiful photos! Beautiful! Beautiful!!!!! :)