Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ode to Royal Caribbean

Ode to Royal Caribbean

I love Royal Caribbean

And it’s many splendid ships,

With all the dining venues,

That do define my hips.

The crew from many nations,

Are the best that one can find,

Working day and night,

To help the guests unwind!

Exotic drinks are served,

At a vast array of bars,

But the smiles of staff mixologists,

Truly are the stars.

Activities keep one busy,

Variety for each guest,

From things like napkin folding,

To more x-rated like, “The Quest.”

The various destinations,

Are some of the planet’s best,

Enough to cruise a lifetime,

With little pause to rest.

From Caribbean beaches,

To Norway’s grand fiords,

To Sydney’s lovely Opera House,

Cruising offers life’s rewards.

As one sails about the oceans,

Great friendships form so fast,

Among the staff and passengers,

Treasured connections last.

New ships debut so often,

Each grander than the last,

But I cannot forget the ones,

That were built far in the past.

Welcome to the Oasis,

The grandest ship of these,

But, no matter what may come,

I love the Monarch of the Seas!!!

Carmen Henesy


Copyright © 2009 Carmen Henesy. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Oh how I would love to cruise, what a great piece of writing.

  2. I certainly cannot complain, having managed 85 cruises to date, 75 with Royal Caribbean - all over the world. It has been truly WONDERFUL, crossing the oceans, seeing so many beautiful countries and seeing the places of my dreams.